Believe Me


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 961


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andersonsg-1 9 / 10

Not Another Christian Film

My personal rating is a 9, but it's objectively probably a 7.

Believe Me is an excellent take on the "Christian" world, or Christian culture, if you will. You can't really call it a Christian film; you just can't. There are plenty of christians who hate, loathe and are embarrassed by the "art" that gets passed on to our churches and friends and uncles and aunts and parents, etc. as "Christian art". They don't seem Christian or even like art, really. The director of Believe Me must've felt the same way based on the way he satirizes the modern church experience. But he goes further and develops characters who face difficult spiritual and ethical decisions. And not in any cookie cutter type of way. Though Believe Me occasionally displays some lower budget vibes and some convenient plotting, it makes up for in writing and performance. The leads are more captivating than any other fresh faces you've ever come across. Plus, it feature Christopher McDonald and Nick F***ing Offerman. I wish I had when I was growing up...

Reviewed by amigafuture-57059 10 / 10

Christianity is the plagiarist of Mithra!

I thought they did very well showing the sheep beliefs and misinformation that American Christianity has taken on and spews to it's masses. I Love that they showed all the grammar and wording that's used in Christianity. It shows very, very well how you should not own anything you do or say and "Give it all to the character Jesus. Do not think for yourself! Only trust in a man that live a long time ago....not in yourself!"

As well as discuss my life and my experience, I also show this to "Christian" friends to help them understand their manipulative and Zealot Religion that's far, far from what it's roots are: Pagan.

Christians are easily scammed because they have a blind Faith. The Christian agenda and political views also also shown very well.

Trust and believe in your own logic and emotions and those whom are in synchronicity with you. Know your own God-Source (Soul). watch this movie and LAUGH! Well made! I left Christianity when I was 16, I saw the BS and hypocrite, back stabbing ways very early. I'm now 40+ and I still see it in those "Faithful" believers. I'm not an Atheist, and not agnostic.

Christianity is the plagiarist of Mithra!

Reviewed by Aktham Tashtush 5 / 10

If you're Christian then you'll be jumping up and down out of faith, but if you're something else so you'll see that 5/10 is one great rating ;)

The start of the movie was hilarious with some comedy bits but it kinda didn't last more than 25 minutes , then the serious Drama rigid stuff came out.

To be fair it's a nice movie , well written, well casting , the main characters were generally funny. as a good doer myself and activist in charities (so humble, right!! :D ) the storyline sounded a bit more complicated than it usually is. but maybe that's how charities in the name of Jesus works. .. don't know.

anyway,, the movie was acceptable would recommend watching it with family on pizza night :D generally, if you're Christian then you'll be jumping up and down out of faith, but if you're something else so you'll see that 5/10 is good score.

also i gotta say "Max Adler" this guy is gonna be something i'v seen him on "Switched at Birth" before and he's got a real talent, and here he was the comic whiff that the movie needed.

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