Bending the Rules


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1919


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Alicia Witt as Rosalyn Wohl
Jessica Walter as Lena Gold
Jamie Kennedy as Theo Gold
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helpme-488-305631 1 / 10

I've seen less wood in a Gay Porno

Wow. I've seen better student films. Where to start?

Oh the woeful script. A comedy? Not even a snicker of laughs in it. OH the wooden delivery. Who directed this rubbish. Can you not listen to an actor delivering their lines and not go "Oh! That doesn't sound right and make them do it again... properly?" Oh the music. I mean wow. It is so bad. Totally destroys any chance for the watcher to get into it. Worst ever.

How on earth is it a 5.1 star movie?

No redeeming features about this movie, I gave up after 20 minutes and instead went to Youtube to watch cats being stupid videos to try and wipe this rubbish from my brain.

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 5 / 10

Don't judge the movie by its trailer

The trailer made the movie seem funnier. But like most trailers they picked out the best scenes. So what is left. Well,the main characters make a nice duo. Not really that much interesting interaction between them though.But it wasn't bad. Jamie Kennedy was out of his game somehow. He played a far too serious character and it did not work for him. They put him in all kinds of situations.And you would expect a character to freak out or something. But his reaction to those events was so under played that it did made you think why he was in the movie in the first place.Nice is good but a buddy movie,yes, that is what it supposed to be, requires great chemistry and fireworks.Or at least something that would put both characters on edge (no pun intended). Not being familiar with wrestling I don't really know the people involved. But I thought that the main character who played Nick Blades was very decent and extremely charming. And his charm and laid back character is extremely effective in otherwise a barely eventful movie. Decent enough for a rainy Sunday.

Reviewed by stjolady 8 / 10

Surprise--One Grandma who really liked this movie

I am a grandma who thought I could endure this film for the sake of my grandson but actually ended up enjoying the flick myself. I have seen several "comedy" movies lately at the theater that just did not seem very entertaining, let alone funny, and a waste of the ticket price.

My grandson bought this movie and even though I was not particularly looking forward to watching the film with him, I did and found it to be quite entertaining--and YES--FUNNY!

Today's filmography tends to deal with lots of heavy apocalyptic issues and dark subjects leaving fun movies (those that are acceptable as family entertainment) hard to come by.

I realize this film will not go down in the annals of time as a "classic film " which I am sure was not the intent of the filmmakers to begin with but what is wrong with a little relatively clean fun that makes you laugh for a while? As far as entertainment value--this film scores much higher in my book than many of the more publicized comedy flicks. In our opinion, the film was entertaining and we felt it to be money well spent for the entertainment value.

There was great chemistry between Adam (The Edge) Copeland and Jamie Kennedy. I am not a wrestling fan myself but thought Mr. Copeland was quite charming upon watching the special features included on the DVD. And who doesn't appreciate the veteran comedic acting abilities of Jessica Walters (we still miss the "Arrested Development" TV series).

In summary, if you just need some laughs without all the cursing and sexual innuendo--give this movie a shot--you may be pleasantly surprised--I was.

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