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Jeff Fahey as George Marsh
Mark L. Young as Grubbs
Molly Hagan as Judith Marsh
Joey Kern as Randy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Vasquez 6 / 10

Not a Zombie Movie, Just Someone Who Loses It Beneath


Okay, first things first, I don't know what movie everyone else saw but, what was up with the crazy girl? In the end, she's the ONLY CHARACTER in the movie that does any killing that we actually see. Yes, it does show a couple of the other characters "lose it" in some fashion but she's the only one we see consistently with a rock in the hand and some brain bashing as her conclusion to duress. Was it all in her head? I mean, what she sees in her own reflection in the end, wasn't what she really looked like. So, again, was it all in HER head?

I liked the movie okay. Not a bad movie at all. But in the end, the real killer seemed to be her and nobody else.

Reviewed by j_s_kelley 7 / 10

Pretty good. Spoooky and Tense.

Never was a big fan of the underground/descent style movies. This one was pretty good. I think the creepiest movies are the ones that draw upon natural fears. Claustrophobia is one of mine and the thought of being underground when freaky stuff happens, and the possibility of running out of light and/or oxygen makes for a tense movie. To the people that poo-poo on the "inspired by actual events": That is way different than "Based on a true story". There have been plenty of cave-ins and plenty of miners dead and some where miners survive. So who knows which one "inspired" the writers of this film. Chill out and enjoy a good movie.

Reviewed by Shawn Stetsko 7 / 10

Trapped in a coal mine, things are bad... in a good way.

We have seen the story before... trapped in a mine, a group of people struggle to survive. Yes, we have seen it and similar stories more than a few times before, but seldom so well. Solid acting quite effectively conveying fear, despair, and madness; a crescendo of well paced action, a VERY claustrophobic setting, a compelling twist of the unexplained, all blended together to make a real movie out of something that could have just ended up a clone of many others. I say this even admitting that I am not usually a big fan of movies with premises like this. I really liked descent (the comparison is, in some ways, inevitable), but didn't love it as much as some, and yet I put both these movies on par and rate them highly (for me a 7 is high... the mark of a movie well worth watching). If you are one of those people who loves this type of movie, I suspect you will rate it even more highly than I did.

If it could be faulted it is that the mystery madness (without giving too much away) is never thoroughly explained, and this contributes to a rather notable question mark at the end. It did not bother me... I find the mystery compels us to feel confusion in a way similar to the characters themselves, but for some viewers it will stick in their craw and they will cry foul because the director didn't spell it out for them. But this is a character and survival piece more than anything, so it can be forgiven if it defies leading us by the nose through a neatly sewn up narrative.

With that said, make what you will of it. Sit back with the big screen and good surround sound if you have it, and a significant other maybe, and enjoy.

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