Best Day Ever


Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jerruthm5726 9 / 10

Great love story for anyone

This movie is filled with so many different kinds of, confusion, desires, dreams, bitterness, and hope. Thanks to the wonderful cast, great writing and directing this movie is so well produced that it could appeal to all people regardless of sexual orientation, class, etc. It opened my eyes that we all deserve the love we want. Mel England's performance rings so felt his pain in finding his way through life with his career at a standstill and his love life questionable. It was an adventure that went so many different directions as he struggled to find happiness. Ace Lundon's epilogue was so touching. Thank you for making such a wonderful and memorable movie.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 9 / 10

No one should care what age they are!

I really enjoyed watching this film. You know it really would tell how people these days care about the age differences in falling in love. I mean so what? You fall in love with the person whom you have chosen to be with. It's not like everyone should care because it doesn't honestly matter at the end of the day.

Heck, I'm so glad that James paired up David and Shane together, they were totally meant for each other. It was well that David broke up with Greg. He was totally someone else that he didn't need to be with in the first place. Why? Because the pair of them had different opinions and of course, Greg seemed pretty bossy! David definitely did the right choice in moving on!

You know, the most outstanding man in this film was Ace. That fella just was so inspiring the way he was talking about stuff that were common sense. Life is not always a box of cherries, there can be pits involved too so enjoy your lives together in this present! I'm like wow, those guys are so lucky to have great friends around them for support!

This movie is so underrated, it should win an Oscar!

Reviewed by larapha ( 10 / 10

It's never too late to fall in love

Best Day Ever doesn't start in the best of moods. David (Mel England) is arriving at 50 years old, and doesn't seem to have too many reasons to be content. He lives in the house of his boyfriend, someone that simply can't say that he's in love with him. His life is a mess. Being an independent film maker, he hasn't 'break through'. Although doing something he loves to do, everybody seems to advise him to leave the activity, starting something new. At fifty, he doesn't seem too much encouraged to doing so, and making films, despite the difficulties, is what he likes to do, alas! Then things start to grow better, as soon as he decides to make some changes in his life. He has some supportive friends, one of them much older than himself, who encourages him. And so thins go on, until he realizes that's he may be living his best days ever. Watch the film, I fell you won't get disappointed; at least if you're getting to some middle age crisis, as I do (I'm 57). The film leaves you with the impression that it's never too late to pursue your dreams, once you find the right persons to be with. It is somewhat different of the torrent of films we see about people in their twenties of thirties, who seem to have so much ahead of them, but it's a relieve.

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