Best Night Ever


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Jena Sims as Hooker #2
Amin Joseph as Marcus
Skyler Stone as Referee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevymac66 1 / 10

if you watch comedy, you wont recognize this POS

Wow...I've never seen a movie that tries so hard to be funny yet misses every single time. At no point did I laugh, smile, grin, or chuckle. Even worse, it wasn't even the kind of crappy movie that you can laugh at how crappy it is. The funniest part of the last hour and 40 minutes of my life is when I read a reviewer say its a "female hangover with a few more laughs". In order to find this film in any way funny you have to be on whatever drug that aforementioned reviewer was guess is laughing gas, and lots of it. I have literally found two separate funerals I have attended in my lifetime funnier than this movie...FUNERALS!!! (Long story on the funerals)

Reviewed by gnat100-574-261421 1 / 10

Absolute rubbish

Worst. Movie. Ever. I had high hopes from the trailer but what I found was a pathetic mix up of Hangover, Bridesmaids, and Springbreakers. The acting was awful, the supposed 'handy cam' viewpoint annoying and unrealistic. I only kept watching it out of a dark fascination of how far could their train wreck go. Blood, defecation, sex toys, gratuitous violence, it goes far in all aspects and in extreme bad taste. Nothing humorous at all in this movie unless perhaps you're really into toilet humor. And throughout all the mishaps the girls remained make up and hair perfect with nary a streak of dirt on their clothing. It's completely ridiculous. Save a couple hours of your life that you won't get back and avoid this movie.

Reviewed by suite92 1 / 10

Zero laughs, zero chuckles, zero smiles; derivative feel-bad comedy.

Claire goes to Las Vegas for a bachelorette night before she gets married. She is accompanied by her sister Leslie and friends Zoe and Janet. Zoe is Claire's best friend, and does most of the filming using a hand-held camera. Janet is the rude and barbaric friend.

The trip starts out somewhat normally, but the plans crash when Zoe discovers that her credit cards have been stopped, and her reservations have been canceled. The evening gets worse after that. They get robbed at gunpoint by a valet; they lose money, identification, shoes, engagement ring, and so on.

After some binge drinking, they steal a car, kidnap the wrong valet to get the engagement ring back, and get screwed over in a drug deal. The manage to elude the police. They use drugs and go to a bachelor party after being mistaken for hookers.

By some magic, the quartet fails to get arrested or be killed for the multiple felonies they commit.


Cinematography: 2/10 Hand-held.

Sound: 2/10 Terrible leveling. During one interval, the editor inserted sub-titles because the words were indecipherable versus the background noise.

Acting: 0/10

Screenplay: 0/10 Completely derivative. If you have seen a Hangover film, or Bridesmaids, then you have pretty much seen the content of this one.

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