Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Jessica Lucas as Haley
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Ken Jeong as Mailman
Martin Lawrence as Malcolm / Big Momma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barrettcolin1 2 / 10

Worst Big Momma

Big Momma is back in this horrible 3rd installment of the Big Mommas House franchise. This is about undercover agent Malcom Turner. He is on another case and his son Trent sneaks into the middle of a drug deal and witnesses a murder. Trent than needs to go undercover with his father to an all girls school . Where the key to the case is hidden.

I thought this movie had a few and i mean Few funny jokes. Trent played by Brandon T. Jackson was the only one who made a slight joke. These movies had jokes that you would see in a Tyler Perry movie. If you like the Tyler Perry movies. I suggest you see it but if you hate them do not see it

Reviewed by Terry Roehrig II 3 / 10

Did they think we forgot about the first two -- is that why they left off 'part 3'?

Why does Martin Lawrence keep donning the fat suit to play Big Momma? How many more situations can he get himself into that he has to rely on the help of his alter-ego, Hattie Mae Pierce? Apparently enough to make a trilogy out of the Big Momma movies. At least Lawrence is getting a paycheck, what are we getting out of it? I would explain the circumstances on how and why Malcolm (Lawrence) and his stepson, Trent (Jackson) go undercover at an all-girls school, but -- really? This is a Big Momma movie, people -- plot is really just a moot point. The writers only have one job on a movie like this, get Malcolm and Trent into drag as soon as possible, because there's nothing funnier than a fat, sassy Southern black woman stereotype. Isn't that right, Tyler Perry? Maybe they need to do a Madea/Big Momma crossover and just get everyone offended at the same time.

I understand that they were at a performing arts school and everything, but did we really need to sit through 5... count them, 5.... musical numbers (6 if you include the music video during the end credits). I felt like I was tricked into watching some stage play version of Big Momma where the characters just break into song on a whim. Maybe that's where they're trying to take the Big Momma character....because she certainly would put the BROAD in Broadway. Yes, bad pun, I know... but forgive me, please, I just had to sit through a Big Momma movie. More reviews at Final Grade: D+

Reviewed by Tom Orrow 1 / 10

Borderline Unwatchable

We get this every January/February, one movie comes around that reminds us all how good Oscar season was, 2 months prior. In 2009 we had Bride Wars. In 2010 we had When in Rome. This year it's Big Momma 3.

Absolutely nothing in this film was funny, nor I or the audience of about 40 people laughed once at this cataclysmic attempt at a comedy. Martin Lawrence sets the art of humour back an entire decade with this go-nowhere performance, he's practically sleep-walking through the entire movie, are things really that bad Martin? how badly do you need a check? the last thing i remember seeing him in was Wild Hogs 4 years ago and that was a masterpiece compared to this slop.

The plot circles around Lawrence's stepson (Brandon T. Jackson) being targeted by some Russian mafia for witnessing a murder. Lawrence's character is a respected FBI agent, is the only thing he can think of to hide his stepson; dressing him in drag and enrolling he and himself as members of an all girls school?

This obviously paves the way for a ton of teen-sex jokes, alas there are barely any attempts at this (got to keep that precious PG-13 rating guys).

A comedy that fails to get a single laugh out of some 40 people is a huge failure in my eyes. Let's not let this film be forgotten because it came out so early on in the year, critics at the end of 2011 need to be prepared to put this on their list of worst films of the year. If not - then any of the films that beat it will have to be spectacularly awful.

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