Biggles: Adventures in Time


Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi / War


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Peter Cushing as Air Commodore Colonel William Raymond
Alex Hyde-White as Jim Ferguson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shurik-4 9 / 10

Largely overlooked and unknown but nevertheless a great movie

This is a great movie. It might be silly and simplistic, but I will always be fond of this movie. The story is great, the special effects are good for the time, the soundtrack matches the mood of the movie perfectly. It is funny and it is a great example of a science fiction/action movie. Perhaps you would get the best impression of this movie if you first see it at a young age... it is really a lot like a sci-fi fairy tale.

Reviewed by Eddy Chandler 10 / 10


I really enjoyed the film and thought it was pure genious!

Biggles is a star unto himself! The film is full of action and alittle comedy!

I like the fact that Biggles was a real live person and some of the film was based on fact and not fiction. Ginger, Algie and Biggles were all pilots in the First World War and possably went on to see service in the Second!

The film is a fantastic eighties fantasy,war adventure pact with a prefect plot!

Good against Evil

Reviewed by Toxie2k2 6 / 10

Decent, but not great

My Grandad used to read the books as a child and my Mum introduced them to me, so its inevitable that i'd watch this film as a child needless to say me and my Mum love it !!

The film strays "slightly" away from the books World War 1 setting, (only in the eighties would they have made it into a time travel story) but the characters are faithful to the originals written in the books.

The films plot is a bit silly, but its lots of fun without been stupid and it makes me feel better every time i watch it.

I just hope my "time twin" is someone as cool as Captain James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth ;)

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