Bikini Model Academy


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Gary Busey as Uncle Seymour
Morgan Fairchild as Ms.Morgan Fairchild
Mindy Robinson as Gangina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hawkie_norway 1 / 10

Total piece of crap

This movie is so bad i want someone to pay me back for the time i wasted on it. No story, random events and not even the hottest girls you can find. I cant even understand how they made Morgan Fairchild appear in this, but Busey i can understand as he has become somewhat of a joke recent years and takes anything that pays his next drink.

The actors have personalities totally blown for any good screen appearance, so maybe the actors should attend a Actor School soon before their next role.

So save yourself, don't bother with this movie. Its not even worth watching for the "girl" content as 5 minutes on google gives you better results.

Reviewed by jd jd 10 / 10

A great influence...

No movie ever made has influenced me more than this classic. I had the honor of doing a play version of it about 5 years ago. I had seen the film thousands of times, had loved it, but I never really knew what it meant.

During the course of the production, I suddenly felt alive. I felt that I wasn't having enough fun. I felt that I wasn't doing enough in my life. Crazy things, like kissing my mother or my father. I hadn't really hugged one of them in a while. It makes you think. It's more of a thinking person's film than a mere Christmas film. If you think it's just a Christmas film, I insist you watch it again and again, until you get the message.

That black kid who plays Benji gives the finest performance of his career, in one of the most difficult characters ever portrayed. A character all of us are familiar with...a person looking to find himself/herself. It's the great struggle for finding what it is in life you really want to do. Benji teaches us so lessons throughout the film and in the end he teaches us the most important lesson of all, that life, although a long and winding road, truly is (for lack of a better word) wonderful...

Reviewed by pfsense 1 / 10

Awkward, just awkward. Teen flick gone wrong on every level.

Two friends kills their latest Marihuana crop and thus loose their girls who are portrayed as simple gold diggers. While eating some pot cake they get the "brilliant" idea to create a bikini modeling school. Busey as their mentor tells them to create a business-plan, the 3 stage plan is "get girls". Failure to attract girls/"students" forces them to pay students to attend. The comedy is completely lost and what remains is a sad awkward mess. Gary Busey is terrible as their "mentor" and just sad to watch.

This movie is so below par and it fails on pretty much every aspect. The only thing it has going for it is girls in bikini, and that seems to be the very idea of selling this sorry excuse of a movie.

Do yourself a favor and spend your time and money on something else.

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