Black Butterfly



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Booker G.R. 9 / 10


A fun little story that will impress you. If you think you can figure out where the movie is headed based on the trailer, you're wrong. Don't read up on it, just watch it. You'll be glad you did.

I'm purposely not mentioning specifics because the less you know about the film, the better.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 6 / 10

Ending damages the quality of the film

I generally try to avoid doing reviews containing spoilers, however in the instance of 'Black Butterfly' the ending was far too important towards the quality of the film not to discuss it. So let's start there. It's typically considered the laziest technique possible in the film making industry to end your film with the "it was all a dream" twist. 'Black Butterfly' uses this twist, and tries to cover it up by implying that the whole dream will be used to get a writer's career back on track. That doesn't fly with me. It still means that everything that happened up until that point was completely purportless. It's a shame too because up until that happened I had really enjoyed the film for the most part.

So the film loses a couple of points for the ending it uses, but I suppose the rest of the film still needs to be evaluated. Right before the dream twist was revealed I thought the movie was going to cut to the credits. Had it done so I think I would've called this a flawed, yet entertaining thriller that meant well in what it tried to do. The twist before the dream twist (yes that's right, the film already had a twist going for it without the need to tack on that final scene) was intriguing and had me reconsidering everything that had happened to that point. It didn't entirely add up and some scenes suddenly come across very strange when you reflect on them. For the most part though it worked well enough.

I felt a little sorry for Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this film. He gives it his absolute everything, but the script often holds him back with repeated and uninspiring dialogue. Also the actors he is given to play off (Antonio Banderas for the most part) really aren't on the same level as him in this film, and so his performance can come across as overacting occasionally. It's not, he's just a level above the rest.

I'm told the trailer to this film gives away entirely too much, which is a real shame. I watched knowing almost nothing of the story and that definitely made it a much more enjoyable experience on my part. Wipe the final scene and I think you have yourself a very fine little thriller. Even as it is it's still above average.

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 7 / 10

Clever and very well done Thriller

I have never been accused of holding back my thoughts on reviews I've written for films or music or anything really. I feel it is ones duty, if writing a review from a Laymans perspective to be as honest and forthright as possible.

In my reviews, I do not sugarcoat or bend to please the masses if my opinions are in dire contrast to what most say or think. Also, rather then go into redundant story line explanations which are provided in the synopsis portion of the first page , I try to tell people what I like or dislike and often will oppose or agree with other people's reviews.

That said, "Black Butterfly" was much better then I had anticipated. I will elaborate. First, Rhys-Meyers and Banderas have great chemistry in this film. I think highly of both actors skills to begin with but think they would make a great pairing in another film as they worked so well off each other in BB.

The story line may seem typical at first, as is often the case in the thriller genre, but it most certainly is NOT! I never provide information on narratives or plots that may be considered a "Spoiler" but will say there are some VERY surprising moments in this film with great twists and turns that completely blind-side the viewer.

I love a film where you think you have the proverbial "Killer, cheat, thief etc" right in your cross hairs then the story completely smacks you down and leaves you wondering, "how did that happen"?

With the amount of Drek being made at breakneck speed today it's no wonder film fans abound are pleasantly surprised when a movie can actually trick you or keep you in suspense for more then five minutes throughout the entire film. Between big studio productions, self produced big name Hollywood types and Indie films we are becoming more and more frustrated with the same old C**P being fed to us and packaged as "Bold and new". This is just not the case. In general. Black Butterfly delivers all it promises to and then some.

Let's be honest....there are not many Hitchcock worthy scripts left that have not already been put on film 1000's of times. However, every now and then a very "watchable" film comes our way. This is one of those films.

I can say with confidence, this is almost two hours you will be glad you invested if your into a tricky, well done, well acted, twisty thriller that can easily be recommended to a friend.

By all means, enjoy!

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