Black Eagle


Action / Drama

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Shô Kosugi as Ken Tani
Kane Kosugi as Brian Tani
Gene Davis as Steve Henderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

A poor man's James Bond

Playing a cross between James Bond and Jackie Chan, Sho Kosugi is likable enough, but unlike Jackie when he does a stunt the camera is too far away from him and it's hard to know if he is doubled or not (if you stick around for the end credits, you'll discover that he WAS doubled on at least two occasions), and unlike Bond the action of the movie is limited to one location (Malta) most of the time, plus there isn't too much of it. Jean Claude Van Damme makes an awesome villain, but his two major showdowns with Kosugi are rather disappointing. In the role of a female CIA agent, Doran Clark handles her two opportunities for action capably - she should have gotten more. The funniest thing about this film is that Kosugi shows little chemistry with his on-screen kids, even though they are his kids in real life as well! (**)

Reviewed by disdressed12 5 / 10

watchable,but nothing spectacular

this action movie staring Shô Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme was not all that exciting,but it was watchable enough.there isn't really a lot of action in the movie.Van Damme plays one of the villains here and has two showdowns with Kosugi.both fight scenes are OK,but not thing spectacular and of very short duration.the movie itself wasn't boring,but it wasn't exactly exciting's one of movies where you can take it or leave it.i doubt i would watch again anytime has a rating of 3.2 here on this site.i would rate it a bit higher than that,as i didn't find it awful,just underwhelming.for me,Black Eagle is a low 5/10

Reviewed by action-6 5 / 10

One of Van Damme`s worst

I picked Black Eagle up in a shop last year because Van Damme was in it and it was cheap. The movie isn`t worth seeing due to the following reasons: 1: Van Damme is barely in it 2: Very little action 3: A poor hero 4: A poor and confusing story

But Van Damme still had some good fight scenes(which is why the movie doesn`t score 0/10 in my book), but the movie isn`t worth seeing.


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