Black Mountain Side


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c_hookham 7 / 10

A tense but flawed slice of cosmic horror

In remote northern Canada a team of archaeologists uncover a mysterious structure so old it threatens to rewrite human history and in turn unleash am ancient horror on themselves. This lo-fi Canadian indie is like something straight from a HP Lovecraft novel - scientists uncover hidden past- hidden past screws with scientists and it's not a bad thing. The setting is beautifully rendered as a remote and alien landscape and despite its low budget effects do a decent job in creating a very tense and hallucinatory atmosphere. There are flaws - some of the dialogue is very clunky as are some of the performances and the ending will irritate many but if you're a fan of lovecraftian horror who isn't expecting cgi monsters or big Hollywood production values then you'll enjoy this trip into the mountains.

Reviewed by Gmork76 7 / 10

"I can seeee you Jensen..."

For some reason I find this movie amusing and quite interesting. The buildup with the amazing north Canadian landscape backdrop is similar to that of The Thing. Both films has cold remote locations where strange things slowly begin to happen. In this film what "The being/it", is left unexplained and it's up to you to figure it out. It is not as gory as The Thing but it has some moments that made it hard for me to go to sleep the night I watched it. It has something to do with that Deer 'Thing' that's making several appearances and utters some really corny lines but nevertheless is an eerie apparition to see in the dark. The film is filled with goofs, loose ends and a lot of unanswered questions. Some actors stands out and some are not so good. But mostly they are doing a good job capturing the paranoia and cabin fever'ish mood. Stupid goofs like, "we have two weeks worth of supply and gas for the generator" Why not conserve it? no use generator even during daylight. It's "50 below outside" yet we see a clear thawing :-D What happened to the squid infested arm that was chopped off? No explanation or examinations of that arm, why? And Why was the cat sacrificed? By whom? And finally, what was the deer "thing"?! A god? An alien? A manifestation of cabin fever ?

I watched this on Bluray, and it really gives the beautiful cold landscape it's own right.

Can recommend this. If you watch it with low expectations you might find it has a moment or two.

Reviewed by JordanMichaelKoch 6 / 10

Falls just short, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot.

I am a ten plus year super fan of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). As such, this review and my opinion of the movie each reflect that fact. As fellow fans of The Thing know, any time you see the words isolated, paranoia, snow and horror, you get a little bit excited by the potential. This movie is one of the few that lived up to the potential of its all-time great setting. Other movies, like Thaw, Blood Glacier, The Last Winter and more fall short either from atrocious acting, poor conception, poor realization of a good pitch, poor effects or poor plotting. Sometimes they fail at every such level. Black Mountain Side did not fail. The acting is uneven, even poor at times. The dialogue feels forced and subpar at times, especially in the first thirty minutes. Certainly, however, it's not bad enough to completely destroy the movie. It gets a pass there. A narrow pass, but a pass. The real treasure of the movie is in its buildup. It doesn't resort to cheap tricks and jump scares to hold your attention early on. It takes its good time presenting the story and building the tension and suspense, and it keeps patient viewers wondering, but with enough subtle hints so as not to be a snooze fest. The premise is solid, the location is solid, the pacing is solid and the allusions to Lovecraft are solid. It hits all the marks and tropes of Lovecraftian horror marred only by subpar acting and dialogue. There are no stupid character decisions, no forced plot points and no movie-ruining political statements. It's just horror. Good, cosmic, Lovecraftian horror. So put on your acting blinders (they don't even have to be too big) and enjoy this slow-burning love letter to Lovecraft and The Thing. Unfortunately, as far as the rating goes, I can't give it a 7/10 as a whole. With stronger acting and a stronger script, it would have been a 7/10, but the acting and script weren't quite up to par as the concept and story. Still, this movie is going to get neglected because of those things when it really shouldn't be. If you're in the mood for wintery cabin/isolation horror, give this one a shot.

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