Black or White


Action / Documentary / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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Anthony Mackie as Jeremiah Jeffers
Kevin Costner as Elliot Anderson
Jennifer Ehle as Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coolcleangreen 8 / 10

run, do not walk, to see this film

funny, brilliant, honest script and actors who pull off both harshness and sympathy. special mention to Anthony Mackie, though I know all the critics will give a lion's share of praise to Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner. Mackie (aka the Falcon) delivers a powerful, resonating speech that simply must be heard. the judge was awesome too, absolutely spot on.

i saw this with my mother at the Toronto Intl Film Festival Elgin Winter Garden Theatre. the room was packed, and the crowd was mixed not just racially but generational too. this is truly a universal film despite its title.

i highly highly recommend this film to everyone.

Reviewed by Catt Jones ([email protected]) 9 / 10

This Mulatto Loved this Film

I was not surprised to read that this film was based on actual events. I am sure that these situations have played out numerous times when it comes to mulatto children. The one thing that did surprise me is that Kevin Costner felt so strongly about this film that he financed it himself (along with his wife). Being mulatto myself I was happy to see that a film that broached the subject was finally being made and it could not have come at a better time with all the racial issues of recent days. Mr. Costner recommended that you see this film with someone that does not look like you; and I agree. This film is about two grandparents that deeply love their granddaughter, Eloise (Jillian Estell). With the death of Elliot Anderson's (Kevin Costner) wife, Rowena Jeffers (Octavia Spencer) feels like she would be the better person to raise Eloise than Elliot and the battle ensues. Rick Reynolds (Bill Burr) is engaged to handle Elliot's case and Jeremiah Jeffers (Anthony Mackie) is representing Rowena. Both of these attorneys have their hands full because both Elliot and Rowena have issues of their own. The character that I enjoyed the most was Duvan Araga (Mpho Koako) who is the tutor hired by Elliot to help Eloise stay focused on her studies among other things. The theater was pretty packed and I think that everyone in the theater was enjoying the film. You can tell that it is a good movie when everyone else reacts the same way that you do to certain situations. This film has the potential to generate a lot of dialog which I think was the intent to begin with. I had never heard of writer/director Mike Binder, but I think that after this film, his name will be more recognizable in the future. What I got out of the film is that it is not Black OR White….. It is Black AND White. I think that the entire cast did an excellent job and I would highly recommend this film to everyone.

Reviewed by aneculai 9 / 10

Costner brings racial conversation to next cultural and social level!

Kevin Costner's "Black or White" is one of those break-through movies who bring the silver screen art to a next level. In his case, the movie brings the cultural and social conversation about race to a level it should have been long time ago. The movie suggests a new paradigm for the topic of race, a level where the social and personal relationships between people no longer include the skin color. The movie portrays with a keen sense the tension and resistance our cultural biases pose to any attempt to remove the racial aspects from the confrontations between people of different skin color. In "Black or White" Kevin Costner breaks the pattern of action hero he has got us used with, displaying acting traits of the highest level. With the camera close-ups on his face most of the time, his eyes add immense value to his acting, displaying real emotions and deep feelings only those who experienced parenting can truly understand and react to. Overall, "Black or White" is a new paradigm of both his personal acting and the cultural and social topic of racial tension.

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