Black Rock


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trublu215 1 / 10

Poorly written, horrendous dialog, and an overall lack of suspense makes for the worst film of 2013 so far

First off, I have to say that I was genuinely excited to see this film. The synopsis for the film, and the overall idea sounded like it could be a promising addition to the thriller genre. Instead, I walked out of the film feeling underwhelmed and, ultimately, cheated. The film holds a runtime of a little below an hour and thirty minutes and, dear Lord do you feel every pain staking minute. The characters are wildly under developed and lucid, especially Kate Bosworth's character. While the film should focus on the girl's relationships with one another, it doesn' doesn't even come close to touching it. Instead, it goes right into introducing the evil male characters without ever developing any sentimental feelings for any of the three main girls played by Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Katie Aselton (the director). Forgive me for the lack of information of these characters, it is only due to the fact that each of them are so uninteresting and depraved that I can't even remember who was who. The direction and writing on this film is vastly inept, taking what should be breath taking scenes and molding them into scenes of ultra violence and shock that never materializes to be nothing less than terrible. The cast is trying their best to make this female rip off of Deliverence work, but ultimately it comes down to the direction of Katie Aselton that makes this film nothing more than a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Lake Bell tries to put the scream queen crown on but, yet again, it is bogged down by terrible direction and even worse, a horrible script from Mark Duplass. Overall, the film is stupid, undercooked, over acted, and under directed. This is a student film with Hollywood talent, which makes it an especially grueling experience and the worst film of 2013 thus far.

Reviewed by fxdx4 5 / 10

This Black Rock should sit in the bottom of the lake where no one can find it.

First off, this is a very formulaic set up. That is not a bad thing, when I want an action movie, I want the action movie formula; when I want a horror movie, I want the horror movie formula. Black Rock follows the horror/survival/thriller genre of movie to the tee. Fine.

There are skinny unarmed women, who meet ex military armed soldiers and without giving away any 'twist', things get bloody quickly. The characters are roughly sketched with some solid acting, but we never really get to know or care about the characters. No problem, not what we are here for.

Where the movie falls apart is two fold: First, the best part about the movie should the Black Rock Island, a small (how small?) island with waters too cold to swim in. It is a great idea for a terrifying setting. However, it is rarely used to any effect. What makes the setting worse is the characters can both hid for a day, yet be almost on top of each other at the same time. At points the island seems to be miles long covered with dense forest, and at other points characters are hoping from one side to the other in a couple steps. This is confusing and a missed opportunity.

Second, when good horror/thriller movies set up the conflict, it almost always the strong terrorizing the weak, but the weak figure out some trick to save themselves. We as the audience need to believe that they can succeed, or be able to imagine that we could come up with a plan to survive. Unfortunately, this movie puts Labron James and (pre ankle) Kobe Bryant in a 2 on 2 basketball game with two 12 year old girls in wheel chairs. We as an audience need to believe our two heroines in wheel chairs have a chance, but we can't. The odds are so stacked against them that if they lose we are bored and if they win it is unbelievable. That is true of this movie as well. We are bored seeing boots crush ants and roll our eyes and almost laugh when that tears the booted leg off at the knee.

A long analogy, but the problem is that it is only through total incompetence and baffunery of the antagonists that the heroes don't just die 20 minutes into the movie.

Once you get past these two rather large disappointments there are other hard to overcome plot holes, like the sniper who can take out a moving target in the dark from atop a cliff with a head shot one minute then barley knows which end of his gun the bullets come out of the rest of the movie.

There is also a rather odd nude scene part way through that neither makes sense logically or in the story. The point of this still escapes me, but it was at least the only interesting character progression of the film.

All in all, it is a laboured film. It is too bad, because I looked forward to this film and was excited about the premise. The parts are there, but so much more could have been done with it. Characters flushed out, plot holes filled, more time taken with the mood and setting. Unfortunately, this Black Rock should sit in the bottom of the lake where no one can find it.

Reviewed by Snaggletooth . 4 / 10

Slack Rock

Three girls decide to go away for a weekend to an island known as Black Rock they visited as children. Once there, they meet three soldiers on a hunting expedition who have been discharged dishonourably from the army...

Black Rock for the most has decent enough acting, and I was drawn to it by a review on one of the horror podcasts I listen to. On there it was described as "a movie you wouldn't want to watch on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea" which of course was the time I chose then to watch it.

Sadly, there's little here that would offend a parish vicar. It's a plot by numbers excursion of girls attacked, girls fight back. And while I wouldn't say it was totally boring, there was little in the way of tension, gore, or thrills watching it. When it comes to "horror" these days (years?) you really have to look to Europe for anything of substance, and it seems ironic that somewhere like mild and cultured France can spit out horror which would give your grandma a heart attack while America gives us something like this PG fare.

Black Rock is really only recommended then if you have 90mins to kill and can't find anything better.

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