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Reviewed by Joe Day 1 / 10

What a pile of satanic manure

Was this supposed to be an inspiring film? Was it based on "true life"? I am of the Harvey Milk Generation, and black, so I have been a living witness to the "revolutions", both sexual and race- wise. This has it all in a way that even Birth of a Nation could not match.

When did black male youth become so blase about homosexuality? Kids were nothing like this when I was a boy. And the whole Christian angle. All of the self-loathing and praying and wailing and for what? To come to the revelation that sodomy is cool with Jesus because it is all about love? That's what Mamma said. And dad - well, mom cucked him with a "kinda cute Asian boy one time" - tongue and everything. Better than I thought it would be and she got off on it too!!!!!? REALLY?

And whose idea was it to do Romeo and Juliet as gay? At Christian High School, which is obviously co-ed? Okay, lets pray some more.

Enter now, Mr. Plantation overseer himself, in the form of the experienced, older white boy - the thug hunter, if you will. So the kid say he is not gay over and over and the white boy keeps NOT taking no for an answer in a classic example of seduction that ruins millions of boys' lives every damned day. Every instinct this boy has says not to do this and yet cute white boy (trailer trash for emphasis I guess) just won't let go. This is just what they have BOTH been waiting for I guess. He takes advantage of this kid so much that he screws him right in front of the kid's house, after having this big discussion about God and how they both believe and all. The kids pleads that he is confused but cute white boy just moves in. Before that, he took the kid to a park where gays cruise AFTER the kid would not come into his trailer (where the white boy lives with his folks!!!) to do it there! Meanwhile, his best friend who IS gay "openly" gets VD and endures an HIV scare. Ah well, just everyday stuff. Oh, and the preachers's daughter gets knocked up too and SHE is upset because there is not ONE abortion clinic in all of Mississippi!!!!! Black kids!!!! What the hell happened?

End in the end, all is rosy, everybody loves and accepts everybody else. Everybody is cool with everything. Its' all about "love." Just like THAT, they are spooning naked in the kids' bedroom!!!! And he is still in high school and his boyfriend is 21.

What a pile.

Reviewed by kcrisenphoenix 2 / 10

Tried To Like This Movie and I Just Couldn't

And a big part of why I couldn't like it was how poor the acting was. Every single actor. Not a good acting job in the whole movie. It was all so...stilted. I wish I could explain what I am saying. I mean BAD! Truly some of the worst I've ever seen. The cinematography was great. Really first rate. Sets were good. Costumes good. Soundtrack only one step down from great.

But that acting! It was either over the top, or not near enough. Never once did the characters make me believe they were real. Randy, the man character, was terrible. I mean really, really bad. I don't even think it was the directing. I don't think he could be good. I feel bad saying this—but he really was terrible (I hope he doesn't read this). Marshall, a possible love interest for the hero, was almost there—but they made him use a very fake southern accent that just ruined it. Especially when he kept forgetting to use it and because no one else had an accent. So why him?

POSSIBLE spoiler here...

There was also this ridiculous sequence of wet dreams where Randy was constantly having to wash his sheets the next morning. But he was wearing flannel boxers, so I can't figure out how he was messing up the sheets. One scene he was fully dressed and woke up and had to change the sheets—even though he didn't have to change his pants!

There was a lot more that made no sense. The hero's little sister vanished six years before and he ties yellow ribbons on branches in his tree to remember her. But he gets the ribbons from a paper box in the garden that somehow has magickally stayed brand new and white. Does it not rain where this movie took place? Or one character gets an STD and asks Randy to look at his penis, right in the front yard of his house. They wouldn't at least step around back?

I checked this site thinking it would be filled with reviews that slammed this picture and I was shocked at the high, high ratings. I feel bad about saying this, but I am betting they are either fake or are written by relatives and friends of the stars. One person said, "There are a few scenes that are definitely a tear jerker!" Did we see two different movies? I got to the end without seeing a single tear-jerker scene. The acting was so poor I never believed in the characters, couldn't get emotionally invested in them, and therefore be effected by anything that might have been tear-worthy.

Was it the script? Maybe. It is hard to tell. I don't know if the movie would have been any better with actors with above freshman in high school acting abilities had gotten a chance to play the parts.

Poor, poor movie.

Reviewed by complaintsrus 10 / 10

Great Film...Period

It is low budget what! The actors portraying the teens were great. I would have liked them to be fleshed out more...but so what! The story line of youth coming into their own is probably playing out in millions of homes across the world. The writing was start/sad/witty/funny. I would have liked to see more about the young couple and their struggles. The sex scenes were not just obligatory, they were well produced/directed. Did I say it was low budget....SO WHAT! I can't find the soundtrack to this movie...the first song should be on my Ipod...Period... If there is a soundtrack please release it somewhere....Period

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