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Demi Moore as Suzanne Dutchman
Alec Baldwin as Bill Oakland
Dylan McDermott as Mark Dutchman
Viva Bianca as Deanna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl 4 / 10

Overdeveloped Smell

For the first half I thought this was going to be an intelligent and creative story (something that hasn't been told a thousand times already), but then it just became pedestrian predictable from that point on. A quadrangle love affair with cheating, getting caught, changing your mind and the obvious changing tit again. Making it all worse was a predictable, maudlin, everyone ends up with their new lover happily ever after ending. As far as acting Baldwin did a respectable job with his, at times overacted, blind character while Moore was "just there".

Really positive reviews to some extent are fandom followers of Baldwin & Moore together with a slight inclination toward seeing Moore act.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 5 / 10

How very romantic. Enjoyable but forgettable.

Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore are a good pairing because they are two very attractive people, Though Dylan McDermott is no slouch in the looks department either.

Baldwin plays a blind writer, (The stereotypical writer that's brilliant cause he wrote two great books but only published one, and he's half a bottle away from being a mean drunk). He had an encounter with Demi Moore who plays the wife of a business man who used her name to commit white collar crimes and now she's force to do community service to pay for those crimes (She too is a stereotype of being rich and white and use to getting whatever she wants but now she gets a little taste of life without the silver spoon).

McDermott's character is not as stereotyped, playing one of these wall street guys who was from the streets, but his story arch as the husband (Of Demi Moore's character) is very cliché (He treats her like she's property, and is very possessive). Though, I'm not sure if the amount of screen time McDermott got in the film was truly needed for the story, he was the most interesting character in the movie and it made the movie more interesting.

So they definitely needed him. The movie is not bad. It works best the more you like watching Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore (Who I rarely see in films today so it was a pleasure), but it's not a film that I would brag about. You watch it once, you'll like it and from there it's pretty forgettable.

It'll entertaining you for a few hours but leave no long lasting impression.

Reviewed by lavatch 8 / 10

The Little Town Called Eze

Not far from Monte Carlo on the Côte d'Azur of Southern France lies the picturesque town of Eze. The name of Eze was one of the small details that were rolled into the combination romance and thriller called "Blind." The action of the film is triangulated around the strange relationship of a blind author and teacher of creative writing, a cruel, ruthless, and crooked entrepreneur, and the businessman's wife who was at one point drawn into the shallow yet adrenaline-pumping lifestyle of her husband. But her world changes when she is introduced to the creative writer who has compensated for his blindness by being attentive to other senses and to the intuitive side of other human beings.

At one point in the film, the blind author Bill Oakland (Alec Baldwin) recognizes the scent of the perfume of Suzanne Dutchman (Demi Moore) as Muguet Des Bois, and her reaction is significant. This is an unusual moment when someone has complimented her on one of her personal choices. The moment is especially poignant to Suzanne when she discovers that her husband Mark (Dylan McDermott) has been unfaithful to her and has given the lover the gift of Chanel No. 5. Mark probably never even knew what was Suzanne's favorite perfume.

Baldwin, Moore, and McDermott are all excellent in their respective roles. The film is especially strong in the details, such as the title of Bill's next book ("Nothing Left to Win or Lose") that sums up the position that he has adopted in life after he lost his eyesight in the auto accident that took the life of his wife.

Some of the film's dialogue was clearly a stretch for the actors to perform with credibility. When the jealous Mark complains to Suzanne about her relationship with Bill, he waxes poetic in suggesting that "Bill is a short story; I'm your novel." Woof! Lines like that one did not sound like they were coming from the boy from Far Rockaway who pulled himself up to "Mr. Dutchman" by his bootstraps.

The film was on much firmer footing with the broader strokes of character transformation, especially in the change that occurs for Suzanne. In her budding relationships with the blind author, it appears for the first time in her life that she has made contact with a person who recognizes her inner, fragile qualities and ultimately treats her as an equal, as opposed to an object. In the process, she came to radiate the special rays of sunlight that falls on the idyllic community of Eze.

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