Blood Orange



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Kacey Barnfield as Isabelle
Iggy Pop as Bill
Ben Lamb as Lucas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dandbone 3 / 10

I went through half of it

I watched it solely because I was curious how Iggy Pop acts. I didn't have high expectations, so I can't say I was disappointed. The actors seem to have done their job, but the weakness of the movie is actually the script. Nothing interesting happened in the first half of the movie. The characters themselves were quite boring and could not support the movie, despite the acting performances, which were OK.

I might have missed something interesting from the second half of the movie, but I didn't care enough to see what that was. I could see myself watching the whole thing if I was at home in the evening and I only had basic cable.

Reviewed by brockleyavenue 8 / 10

Stick with it and you will appreciate this Thriller!

Iggy Pop, though not a super actor, does his bit well...after all, he is playing an aging, 'sex, drugs and rock & roll' Rock star! (smile). While watching you enter into conversations from the main characters,.... trying to decipher where it what you would do, if you were to mingle into someone else's conversation at a party....but you won't start to grasp it until a little while in, as the movie and characters start to develop. I found it intriguing, and being a major 'Secret Squirrel' fan, I am easily bored with thrillers that haven't taken the time to be inventive, have so many loopholes and you've worked out 'who done it' within the first 5 minutes! This movie is NOT one of those. With this movie, your intrigue into the characters backgrounds, keeps the momentum up and glued to the screen, leading you into a few directions, that clear up some unanswered questions you might have. Admittedly, the 'slooth' in me, had a spark about a third of the way through of what the conclusion would be, but it kept me questioning and in self doubt until right at the end! Well worth the watch for a low budget movie....well, I'm not sure what Iggy would have commanded, but movies like this I remember, as it's the Director that should be applauded for managing to keep us enthralled.

Reviewed by drjasonscholars 9 / 10

a cool slow burning thriller

While the premise may have similarities with "A Bigger Splash" and take its references from "La Piscine", this is a very different film indeed. It takes its time to unfold but then it shifts a gear, twists and twists again and then what was a sun soaked lazy art-house drama becomes a full on menacing thriller that keeps you guessing right up till the end. Iggy is a really charismatic screen presence - beguiling, darkly witty, quite a nuanced performance... Dangerous but still sympathetic. Kacey Clarke is much more than just a sexy femme fatale and Ben Lamb pitches his performance perfectly as the spoiled brat looking for vengeance but getting further and further out of his depth. This is a movie that knows how to play around with genre expectations. A smart, slow burning thriller that draws you in and takes no prisoners.

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