Blood Rage


Action / Horror

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Ted Raimi as Condom Salesman
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Brad Leland as Drive-in Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rabiddog67 6 / 10

Very good and overlooked 80s slasher.

Legacy Entertainment's DVD is cut. Gore mostly, but the scene after the drive-in killing is of Louise Lasser visiting Todd at the hospital, which contains important exposition (Todd who has been catatonic and then unable to remember the slaying finally remembers that Terry committed the murder); the DVD shows Louise Lasser pulling up to the gate and then cuts to Terry and his friends playing football. The DVD does contain a scene missing in PRISIM'S VHS BLOOD RAGE (NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS was the title I saw this under in the theater back in 1987) - immediately after the football game, Terry and his friends go swimming and Andrea agrees to babysit for Julie. (why this is missing from the VHS is hard to say). The gore is seriously cut in the Canadian DVD. Terry kills the kid at the drive-in; the DVD shows one whack and then the naked girl running away - the VHS has multiple whacks and blood-stained popcorn. Lasser's fiancé gets his hand hacked off while drinking a beer in both versions, but the DVD is just a quick shot....same goes for Julie finding her date's head hanging in a closet....much more on VHS. Todd's doctor is literally cut in half....the DVD does not show her death throes or Todd finding her body later in the film. Terry sticks Artie in the neck with a fork...more gore on the VHS than the quick cutaway on the DVD.

Reviewed by Tikkin 5 / 10

Kind of average

After hearing about the gore in Blood Rage I tracked it down on DVD under the title "Nightmare at Shadow Woods", and I'm a little underwhelmed. It started off looking promising with the kid attacking the couple at the drive-in. Then as usual, time is fast forwarded. The kid responsible for the drive-in deaths has framed his brother who is now locked away in a mental hospital. He escapes, whilst his brother kills people and blames it on him.

There were some decent gore scenes early on, though for some reason most of the rest were cut out. This is a shame because the gore is what makes a film like this. On its own, it was kind of dull and uneventful, but with the gore in it would have been easier to sit through. If anyone knows where to find an uncut copy please do let me know, I wouldn't mind seeing it in the way god intended.

Recommended to 80's slasher fans if you can find the uncut version.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Showcase of gore FX does the job effectively enough

BLOOD RAGE is a fun '80s American slasher shot in Florida. The whole thing plays out as a special effects showcase in much the same way as a Friday the 13th sequel; there's zero time for plotting or characterisation, just one brutal kill following another. The movie was made in 1983 but not released for four years, although it's hard to see why it took so long; the effects are good enough to make this stand alongside the genre classics of the decade.

The story begins with a HALLOWEEN-style opening in which a kid bumps off a fornicating couple in a car in an extremely grisly fashion. It then cuts forward ten years when the killer escapes from an asylum to go on a rampage, but there's a twist: he has a twin brother. Cue lots of mistaken identity and at least one decent plot twist. Otherwise the characters are all dumb, token stereotypes, and random shower scenes are included for the nudity.

In the end, though, this is all about the gore and the blood really does flow freely here. Human bodies are impaled in various nasty ways and it all plays out in a realistic, occasionally rubbery fashion. The half body and hanging head are the stand-out effects, but really all of it is decent and it makes you eager to see what the FX technicians are going to deliver up for the next kill. BLOOD RAGE will win no awards for cinematic quality but slasher fans will find it a hoot, and at least it's never dull.

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