Blood Redd


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reem Yassin (reembxoxo) 10 / 10

Great film—low budget starter.

For those who can't appreciate a film without the high-budget, car explosions, bells and whistles, go watch some other mindless blockbuster... This film has an exceptional cast. This is a beginner film— LOW budget! This must be kept in mind... they don't have Spielberg's connections or financial means. Great acting and craft reflects well regardless.

Excellent job, everyone involved in this film. This was very creative and well-done! As a film-buff, I found this film to be quite refreshing. The directorship was unique and original, and I appreciate the cinematography, in general! The film itself is wonderfully chilling and mesmerizing. Some parts were also comical. The cast is credible and all did great in their respective roles. Torey Widener was particularly excellent in his performance. I am very excited for future projects!

Reviewed by GT 7127 7 / 10

No Budget But Enjoyable Film

This is not a big Hollywood production with all of the shiny bells and whistles. It's a no budget, horror flick complete with crappy picture quality. It does, however, have a rather original and interesting story line, which is not common in Hollywood big budgets these days. If you are into the old B horror films like "The Blob" you may get a kick out of this, but if you are looking for a Star Wars type you will be sorely disappointed. I actually thought the acting was quite good for a B horror flick, especially the lead actress, Stephanie Hullar, who plays Lauren Redd. A no/low budget film makes it hard for an actor to look good, but she pulls it off. It has some nice special effects for a low budget. It also has an interesting twist on the idea of werewolves. I think it's a great film for those who are into the old horror films. It's the kind I would expect to see on the old Friday Fright Night shows.

Reviewed by sacdalysimon 1 / 10

Low budget drivel

I would mirror the other reviews on here Yes it really is that bad . wooden acting actors wait for there Que to then deliver there lines ,terrible terrible sound audio goes quiet then loud and sometimes cuts out altogether,picture quality is horrendous as others have said like a 1980's American TV 480 by 576 ntsc then converted into pal if you are from a pal country you will know what i mean, plot and story written by a college student and also the camera work as well ,the only star i can give is for the very limited special effects and they weren't CGI . if this was done by a college student then it would be a good effort and would probably be granted an A but for a feature film its a U for ungraded .

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