Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jjjjjjjjjjjjj-4 9 / 10

Tomato salmon casserole

A masterpiece from the opening scene; this film is both a hilarious parody of "buddy cop" films (LETHAL WEAPON, 48 HOURS, BAD BOYS, etc.) and a superior precursor of the present lame & un-funny comedy-horror films of the SCARY MOVIE ilk.

Beverly Penberthy steals the film as Sweeney the cop's wife, Erma Birdwell. Erma, despite her aerobic fitness, is a cigarette smoker who worries that her husband is no longer attracted to her. Attempts to stop smoking haven't worked. Her travails finally lead to an appearance by an avatar of the Egyptian God of the Dead. "The f--k it isn't, I know Anubis when I see It!"

Also wonderful is MISTER ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD veteran Don Brockett as the raving homicidal Police Chief. And Veronica Hart, as Grace, continues to be one of the few "actresses" from porn films who can actually do a passable job acting.

Reviewed by wendlandj 8 / 10

Airplane meets Horror

This movie is just chock full of visual jokes and running gags. The fun never stops and the blood is so clearly fake, and the murders so whimsical in method, that even the most squeamish will probably have no problem with it.

The story centers around a series of gristly murders where taunting messages are left by the killer - written in hieroglyphics. When the Pittsburgh police find the first hieroglyphic note they sigh, "The Egyptian side of town". With such brilliant breaks with reality this movie is a magnificent romp through the looking glass.

Worth viewing for the stop smoking clinic sequence alone - Give it a try! Like Buckaroo Bonsai? Like Big Trouble in Little China? Don't mind low budgets? This movie is for you!

Reviewed by Justin Bradley 6 / 10

Throw back to Z-Movie Drive in! Solid Gold!

I rented this movie several years ago solely because I could not pass up on a movie with this title. And believe me baby, it delivered! I am a huge fan of B-movies and this is one of the best. It had a great mix of humor and horror that isn't seen enough in this millennium. The plot was a little non-sensical but who cares? The Murders were carried out in such outrages situations as an electric (yes extension cord needed) piece of lawn care equipment, butchering a victim in a telephone booth. Rock On! The lead characters are an odd couple detective duo and the movie does a great job of poking fun at this formula. The one detective is a grizzled veteran and his partner is a weak stomached sissy. Let the carnage and puke flow! The character of the wife was also humorous. Well anyone who needs to use a voice box at any point in anything is what I would consider funny. If you are a fan of the old time Z-movie of the B-movie horror Comedy pick this movie up. You will be seriously surprised by it's quality!

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