Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland


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Alan Ritchson as Thad Castle
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Darin Brooks as Alex Moran
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Reviewed by Miguel Arteaga 8 / 10

"Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland" Review!

Give me a hell, give me a yeah, hell yeah! Because Blue Mountain State is back...sort of.

While it's not season 4, it's something better: a film adaptation of the television show. In the past we have seen shows come back as films with the same talent in front and behind the camera, such as Entourage (and Sex in the City and Veronica Mars, but I haven't seen their shows or their movies). But to put it in simple terms, this is a worthwhile wait to see Moran, Sammie, Thad and the gang back.

The story is pretty simple. Alex Moran is entering his senior year at Blue Mountain State and what seems to be the year in which he'll control the legendary Goat House. But the new school dean has another idea: selling the goat house so that the football team will concentrate on the field. So in order to save the Goat House, Moran will have to ask the help of an old friend Thad Castle, former BMS football player and captain as well as the number one draft in the NFL. Thad agrees that he will buy the Goat House but on one condition: they have to throw Thad's dream party, including an amusement park known as Thadland.

Pretty easy to see where it's going right? Nope

What I liked:

This movie does what some TV shows turned movies failed to do, be a good movie. Look, we don't see Blue Mountain State for it's artistic value or it's compelling drama, we see it for the boobs, drugs, and alcohol as well as it's hilarious moments.

Unlike most movies based on shows, this movie raises the stakes for the characters and does stuff that you couldn't pull of on Spike. There is something to lose in the film, the Goat House; something that wasn't in a film like Entourage.

Also, like I said above, this movie is hilarious. I don't want to give away any specific moments but there are tons of gut-busting scenes in this movie. There is one sex scene in this movie (out of many) that is so hilarious, that's worth the price of admission (though it was released on digital, so worth buying on your computer?).

Another great thing about the movie is the cast, everyone is still hilarious and we get to see some of our old favorites such as Craig Shilo and Radon Randell. And how can I talk about the cast without talking about Alan Ritchson as Thad Castle. He's probably the best thing about this movie. He's hilarious and it reminds you why you loved the character in the first place. The character of Thad Castle will go down in history as one of the funniest TV characters, right there with Stewie Griffin, Sheldon Cooper, and Carlton Banks. Also, this movie is so unpredictable. If anything, there is only one thing you might expect but other than that, it is really a wild ride because you are not sure what the hell is gonna happen at the end.

What I disliked:

Though there's not a lot to dislike, the main focus of this movie is Alex Moran and Thad Castle, which is great and all but I would've liked to see more of the character moments. Most of the cast appearances, such as those of Harmon, Donnie, Larry, and Mary Jo, are satisfying appearances. But those of Craig Shilo and Radon Randell are a little underwhelming, especially Radon because he just seems to show up without set up and it would've been interesting to see what the two have been up to since we last saw them. But the biggest of underwhelming characters is Sammie. Though he has lots of funny moments, he seems to be demoted to an over-the-top party animal, which is something that he has was in the show (but in the show had more character).

Also, what prevented Blue Mountain State from being another shitty American Pie direct- to-video movie was the football aspect of the show, the moments like when the NCAA is doing a drug test or Thad going soft on the football field, something that this movie doesn't have and it's absence is duly noted. The film didn't need a football-centered plot, but are we really going to get only one scene of them on the field?

Final Verdict:

To put it simply, it's hilarious and it's a worthy successor of the television show. To many it would be seen an awesome party movie, but it shows the Blue Mountain State has stuff to offer still. This isn't the ending of the BMS franchise, it's a brand new beginning (at least I hope), where it can be explored through another season or movie.Also this movie isn't for those who dislike party movies, but why would you see it then? Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland reminds me of why I fell in love with the show in the first place and why I wished my college was like this. Old fans will love this film, newbies will enjoy it. For newbies, I'd recommend binge-watching the show on Netflix and then watch this.

Overall Score: B+ (or 7.5/10)

Reviewed by h-61929 4 / 10

Hard to Accept

I don't write many reviews but I felt I had to after watching the BMS Movie. I understand that the movie is low budget but do you really need a lot of money to show college kids drinking and playing football?

Being a huge fan of the TV show having watched and re-watched it many times I was excited as anyone to hear that they were going to make a movie. The trailer implied that it would lead on from the BMS TV show as well as bringing back some of our favourite characters from previous seasons (Radon and Shilo). So I am sure we were all thinking, football, drinking and crazy antics, and whereas the show did get the latter two it was missing one of the main aspects....FOOTBALL! There was literally 2 minutes of not even football at the start of the movie on a very run down looking field which was quite depressing and that's it. As for the drinking and antics I think they didn't do it right, the film was basically one giant party which made it feel like they didn't actually accomplish anything throughout the whole film. Using a different goat house didn't help either and just disconnected me from feeling the buzz of the old show, it felt cold and strange.

The two old fan favourites Radon and Shilo were expected to at least have a little role in the film, maybe on an opposing team or coming back to BMS to join Alex in his senior year, can you imagine how great it would of been if they included Alex playing against both Radon and Shilo as an ultimate showing on how far Alex has progressed while at BMS? Well we will never know since both made a cameo appearance at the end, Radon had literally like one line and Shilo a couple minutes of irrelevant screen time. Honourable mention for JON JON and Debra who were nowhere to be seen.

There were funny parts dotted around throughout the film but it felt like you kept waiting and waiting for something to happen to give the film some sort of edge, right up to the part when it ended. Even as I finish writing this I have bitter sweet memories of the TV show, the first episode with Alex preparing to laze off through college right up to him becoming the King of BMS and I wish that the film let the show go out with a bang instead of fizzling out as a surreal version of itself.

Reviewed by giberoutatime 8 / 10

Does for the Series what Serenity did for Firefly...

.... in that it gives closure on an awesome TV show in a more entertaining than expected fashion. Fans will love it!

Granted it's not all exactly the same. Different Goathouse, not all the cast is there (but more than I expected really) and it's just not the same without Rev Theory, but other than that....

DUDE! This is what fans have been waiting for!!! Thad was only a supporting character on the show at first and like Urkel on steroids (or rabies) he immediately became the star of the show and thus the center of the movie. But really Thad is BMS! And his story is our story. Only with more sloots.

The trailer only covers like the first half hour of the movie so there is much more to see I promise. We do see what has become of the other characters... Larry for instance. Radon and even Craig Shilo make an appearance. Coach has an interesting little plot line that is pulled from the headlines. Donnie has an arc of sorts... Sammy and Mary Jo are there and I dare say even Alex gets a sort of closure. But remember... This all takes place before the start of the season so there is plenty of room to add future BMS adventures!

It's not perfect but it's better than we could've hoped for, waaaaay more graphic than Spike would allow (language, full frontal sloots) and drug use galore!!! If you get past the party scenes the story picks up a bit more and there are even a couple of their trademark film spoofs. Alan Ritchson has made a name for himself doing a variety of film roles but will always be known as Thad Castle. He's a producer on this piece and hat's off to him and the whole team who kept the dream alive and made this awesome film. Watching the behind the scenes stuff on YouTube really makes one realize how limited they were filming; I'm glad they pulled it off. Kudos.

THADLAND is a must see for any true BMS fan and gives the characters and this world the over-the-top; egotistical; insane yet cathartic send off that the show never could. God Bless America and God Bless Blue Mountain State!

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