Bone Tomahawk


Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Thriller / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Patrick Wilson as Arthur O'Dwyer
Kurt Russell as Sheriff Franklin Hunt
Sean Young as Mrs. Porter
Zahn McClarnon as Tall Trees
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jawaid Khan 8 / 10

So far one of the best horror movies this year

My title says it all. No other words best to describe this movie other than to say that this is the best horror/western movie this year and i would venture to say that this movie probably has taken the cup for being the best this year. If you are a fan of horror or western movies then you should definitely check it out. Kurt Russel, Patrick Williams give strong performances. All the four main characters describe one simple notion throughout the movie. Russell--A town sheriff who would do anything to fulfill his duty as a town sheriff and bring the criminals to justice. Williams--A loving husband who would do anything to bring his love back even in the face of immense odds.

There are some scenes in this movie which will definitely shock you being so gory and violent and this is coming from me being a long time horror movie fan who is not easily shocked. To give you an idea how certain scenes will be imprinted in your mind for some time is like when you watched the movie Sinister and there were some scenes that you could not forget for a while.

Finally do not take my word for it or someone else's and give this movie a try and then decide for yourself. You ll not be disappointed.


Reviewed by Matthew Birkhofer 8 / 10

Very well-made, very intriguing western/horror film.

Bone Tomahawk is about a small group of cowboys who set out in search of a group of cannibals who have kidnapped some of their townspeople, including the wife of one of the rough riders. It may sound similar to a lot of other westerns in the sense that it's a rescue story, which is somewhat true in the beginning. The first half of the movie is a great character drama as it follows the group of four for a few day and nights as they travel to their destination. This is where some people might have a problem with the film and the pacing might become an issue. During this time, we get expanded knowledge about the men involved and I found it rather entertaining because the route to their destination is just as dangerous as the destination itself. Yes, the movie could have been trimmed down by about 10-12 minutes, but it wasn't too slow that I lost interest (like many others I have read did).

It is during this time where acting comes into play and, for the most part, it's all on point, especially Kurt Russell! To no surprise, he is the highlight of the movie and is no one to be trifled with. He gives a very gritty and convincing performance worthy of his filmography. As well as the three other gentlemen that ride along with him, they all hit their marks (even my boy Matthew Fox from LOST).

The only real problem outside of the pacing is Lili Simmons' awkwardly dull performance (mostly during her captivity). Normally I wouldn't point out such a small characters performance but it was seriously lacking. It could be because her character was poorly written for the type of situation she was in. For example, why was she so relaxed and showing barely any emotion in such a frightening situation? Yes she could have broken down mentally but that doesn't let her off the hook. Also her line delivery was highly questionable and her overall performance felt like dead weight.

But it is the final 45 minutes of the movie that will leave everyone talking. Bone Tomahawk explodes into the horror genre with its cannibalistic violence (is this the return of cannibalistic horror movies?). The action is swift, and I mean very swift, it really comes out of nowhere. And this was what I loved most about the movie, you know they are getting closer and closer to unprecedented evil but you aren't quite sure when or where they will strike. It's this trepidation that makes the final third of the movie so thrilling. They're clearly unprepared for the gauntlet that is waiting for them. I won't spoil anything but the movie really doesn't shy away from violence once they get to where they are going. Bone Tomahawk transcends from a slow moving western into a carnage fueled frenzy.

Reviewed by hammit 9 / 10

A fresh, original blend of genres that results in a new cult classic!

This film is a great example of what Hollywood is sorely lacking these days: Originality! Like other reviewers have mentioned, this is slow burning western/horror flick that keeps building the suspense until the finale. It's not an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is loaded with action, but it has enough to keep your interest. It has more of a typical western feel to it in terms of character development. The dialogue is spot on for this genre. The acting is superb and plot is genuine. I think that it speaks volumes about the script given the fact that the actors signed on for minimum pay (that means they WANTED to be in this film for the script and plot). The gore is definitely there for the horror fans, although I would say that if you are seeking a lot of gore, you may be disappointed. It does have some that is pretty graphic. I definitely would not let children or even some teenagers watch this, its an adult movie. If you are a fan of westerns, I think you'll like it a lot. If you are a Kurt Russell fan, you will not be disappointed (this was his first western since Tombstone). Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox make an excellent supporting cast and demonstrate their acting skills well. This is a new cult classic!

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