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Dustin Hoffman as Master Carvelle
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Josh Lucas as Gerard
Debra Winger as Ms. Steel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aei-clw 10 / 10

Inspirational, heartwarming, family friendly film. Loved it!

I am a fan of so much about this movie starting with its director François Girard, whose sensitive fingerprints are all over this lovely film, to what a perfect cast, to shepherd Ben Ripleys story which burrows deep into your heart.

This is one of Dustin Hoffman's best roles in ages, and it is a joy to see him again at the top of his game. Kathy Bates is exceptional as always, and the rest of the supporting cast brought life and heart to their performances

The new young star Garrett Wareing is already showcasing serious acting chops in this his first role and manages quite genuinely to evoke the transitory nature of life starting with his parents all the way to the very thing that saves him in this movie … the voice of an angel that will ultimately change. But isn't that what life is about? It's not what you deal with but how you deal with it? This film teaches us that lesson with a spoonful of sugar and the heavenly voices of the American Boy Choir. I was brought to tears more than once and the ending was genuinely heart touching and inspirational.

I saw this at Toronto and the movie was a true "crowd pleaser" in the very best sense. It received a sustained standing ovation.

A wonderful family film, and a holiday excursion into the heavens because wait until you hear not only the American Boy choir sing but also Josh Groban's song "Mystery of Your Gift" at the end of the film. It was breathtakingly beautiful and Oscar worthy.

I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Victoria Weisfeld 6 / 10

Pleasant, but Unchallenging

This movie, released in 2015, had a brief run recently at Princeton's nonprofit movie theater. It's the story of the fictional "National Boychoir School" and features the singing of students from the local, real-life American Boychoir School. ABS has fallen on hard financial times, and if it needed an infomercial to stimulate a really big donation, this is it. The movie stars Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Bates, Debra Winger, and Eddie Izzard in the adult roles, but director François Girard and writer Ben Ripley demand little of their talents. The story dwells mostly on the boys, and one particular boy (Garrett Wareing)—a misfit who arrives at the school unable even to read music, yet such a vocal prodigy that . . . yes, you can guess the rest. When the credits rolled and it turned out the movie had some affiliation with the Hallmark Hall of Fame, that was one of the least surprising moments in a string of non-surprises. Leaving aside its dramatic shortcomings, the creators' generosity with the music lifts the whole production. Actual ABS students are used in the production, according to a local news story, and director Girard said of the school, "It was extraordinary to see them at work. What they accomplish goes way beyond music." A good movie for kids and a pleasant, if unchallenging interlude for grownups, too.

Reviewed by Fludlerk 8 / 10

Well acted story

Boychoir as a movie was nothing earth-shattering or surprising in it's material. It's the typical 'kid who got a rough deal in life finally gets someone who believes in him' story and has all those things that normally show up in that kind of story. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't see it...quite the opposite in fact.

First off, the script is pretty good, but fairly predictable. There are some great moments in terms of how the script is filmed though, and obviously the director is the one who deserves the most credit. The performances he pulls from the actors are fantastic, and because of this there were dozens of times when you laughed, or felt a tear well up, or just wanted to shout at the screen to support the players. That's why we go to the movies; to become emotionally involved in a story, and Boychoir accomplishes this very nicely.

Hoffman is Hoffman...there's not much else to say about him. He gives the exact right performance as you would expect. Garrett Wareing manages his role as the boy Stet very nicely, and it's a big task, a little too big for him at times, but there's potential in this young actor and it definitely surfaces. Josh Lucas and Debra Winger in their small roles add nicely to the cast, and Eddie Izzard and Kevin McHale are great in their supporting roles. The scene stealer in this film though, as is usually the case with her, is Kathy Bates. Every moment she is on screen she pulls the audience deeper into the story and injects just a touch more life into the film.

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the music, which really is the cornerstone of the film. Watching the choir process and listening to the building sounds as the film progresses adds so much to the experience, and really helps build on the emotional lines of the story.

Boychoir is an emotional journey, and it was a nice experience to be at the premiere and be able to stand up and applaud the cast that were present, and who completely deserved the ovation.

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