Brand: A Second Coming


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davideo-2 4 / 10

Feels a bit missold, and less effective as a result

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Filmmaker Omni Timoner chronicles Russell Brand's meteoric rise to fame in this little publicized documentary, from his fractured childhood with his wayward father and cancer stricken mother, to his commute to London to seek fame and fortune, and the whirlwind of mania his unrestrained, egotistical persona generated when this dream came true, with repeated scandals that ultimately only propelled his career further, before making his mark on America, and marrying pop star Katy Perry, before his more recent attempts to start an anti capitalist revolution.

With the film roles becoming less frequent (or certainly less publicized) Brand now appears to have turned his hand to documentary film making, or at least documentaries where he is the subject, such as this self aggrandizing narrative. I obviously wasn't sufficiently interested to get round to catching his wealth disparity doco The Emporor's New Clothes, and so for what appears to be a similarly marketed second feature, I was expecting something alike.

With at least two autobiographies and endless media exposure, Brand's chart to fame and personal life have already been well exposed to any of his fans who lap up the celebrity culture he purports to despise yet over the years has become intrinsically a part of, and so this insight at the start of the film pretty much covers common ground. It's a less satisfying departure from the personal mission he was exploring in the last film, and for a self confessed egotist to see his life story documented in such a way, the feeling of self indulgence is a little too much to take.

It leaves you unable to comment personally on Brand's skills as a documentarian, and whether he can convey his social message in a truly engaging light, but this missold effort leaves you a little short changed. **

Reviewed by Pheeke 6 / 10

Comedy and drama with a clever political message.

Quite an interesting documentary, that is, if you think Russell Brand is interesting. I do think he is an interesting person and i liked the documentary. it showed Russell brand's good and bad sides, it wasn't one-sided. It did feel a little long for a biographical documentary, but never boring because of that.

The documentary mixes behind the scenes clips of Russell's life, clips of his stand-up comedy act and interesting conversations on his political engagement. Russell Brand also opens up about his dark drug past.

Altogether the documentary is a great mix between comedy and drama with a clever political message. Great for Russell Brand fans and anyone who wants to know more about him.

Reviewed by pnwbot 10 / 10

A fascinating journey to follow.

We saw this in Seattle last night, and everyone in our group absolutely loved it. I only knew a few things about Brand before, and this film's look into him shows Brand's faults, and his heart.

Personally, I'm more endeared to Brand now and feel richer for seeing his path. No matter his many complex motives and struggles he has worked through (and like us all, forever will be), his heart still shows through, and I saw something beautiful in there.

Similar to Brand, the energy in the film from start to finish is bold, fast, and quite fun.

This had a high rating until some campaign came in and lowered the rating. Which is too bad...I would recommend this to anyone, as would the early reviewers.

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