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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dustyp-1 1 / 10

Pointless, Contrived, No Story.

The synopsis for this one sounded fairly interesting and it was on Netflix Instant, so I checked it out. I've noticed that I typically enjoy recommendations that are 2-2.5 stars on there because overall, I quite enjoy bad movies as long as there is something...anything to keep me entertained.

This movie actually starts off fairly good. Then after the introductions of characters gets over with is when the movie starts to dive bomb as it's clear the people behind this movie really had no idea of what KIND of movie they wanted to make. I say this, because early on it feels like they have a ton of pointless red herrings. For example, there's a woodsman that you constantly hear off in the distance that they seem to try and make you think is part of the plot, but he's not. He's worthless and does not help the movie push forward at all.

Another thing that royally annoyed me, is that this is one of those movies where at ANY POINT each of the cast could have done something to stop the children who are harassing them throughout the movie (of course, I say "children", but they are most likely 18-20). I mean, 8 people can't take out two little brats, only one of which was armed at any given point? Come on. And then they actually capture one of the kids and want to do something about it, but the lead stops them as if she's not aware they are getting picked off. Oh yeah, because she's "just a kid"...riiiiiight.

Then the ending....absolutely a cop out. It's like they just didn't even care to end it. It's not a "twist", it's just bad.

Do not waste time with this one.

Reviewed by Paul Andrews ([email protected]) 3 / 10

Needs Work

BreadCrumbs is set in the remote wooded wilderness & starts as the cast & crew of a porn film arrive at a log cabin, they plan to make a porn film there but straight away several members of the group are unhappy as the cabin is so remote there's no phone signal. For veteran porn starlet Angie Hart (Marianne Hagan) this will be her last production & will retire afterwards but the show must go on & as the cast & crew start filming each other having sex they slowly become aware of the presence of two children, brother & sister whom seem somewhat creepy yet harmless. Then that night as Dominick (Douglas Nyback) learns his lines outside he is attacked & hung on a huge hook to dangle, the other's inside find him & realise that there is a killer about. Angie is worried about the two children & manages to persuade the young girl to stay with her but it turns out that the two siblings are the killer's...

Edited, co-produced & written by Mike Nichols who also has a fairly big part in the film as porn producer & director Eddie this is a tired cross between your typical teen slasher fare & some lazy thriller, Breadcrumbs works as neither a straight horror or a thriller & ends up being nothing in particular. At just over 80 minutes long not that much actually happens, besides the totally unconnected to anything else opening sequence it's nearly the forty minute mark before the first attempted kill during which time very little happens to be honest. The build-up is reasonable with no logic or reason behind what the two siblings are doing but the film ends like that as well, I was expecting some sort of motive or explanation or even some sort of origin for the killer's but we get none that I could make any sense of. I was actually expecting some sort of twist ending but there isn't one, Breadcrumbs really does just finish leaving almost as many questions as when it started. The fairy tale references are here with a few mentions but it's all very half hearted & adds up to nothing, I don't really even understand the title Breadcrumbs either or what relevance it has to what happens. The character's are pretty stupid as you would expect in a slasher film as well, why does Angie suddenly care so much about the two children? Everyone else is telling her that they are the killer's yet she insists on defending them calling them 'just children' or 'she's just a little girl'? Maybe the script was trying to show how deep a woman's love for a child can be but on screen the way it's portrayed just comes off as total lunacy & makes zero sense in the context of what's going on.

Even with the build-up there's very little pay-off here, in facts there's none really. Considering that this is meant to be a horror film there's very little blood or gore here, there's a slit throat, a few people are shot with arrows & there's a bit of blood splatter but all the killing's are extremely tame almost like the makers were afraid to show any blood. Considering that the setting for Breadcrumbs is a porn film shoot there's no nudity or sex either which is surely a missed opportunity. The one positive aspect of Breadcrumbs is that it's very well shot in full 2:35:1 widescreen & is well made, there's no great suspense or scares but it looks nice enough & not like a lot of low budget shot on camcorder horror films floating around. The opening titles are animated & are quite cool but I would rather the makers saved the money & put it towards some decent gory special effects which would have been more appreciated.

Filmed on Long Island in New York the production values are surprisingly good but the script is still poor so despite the positives there's plenty of negatives. The acting is alright, nothing too bad I suppose but nothing great either.

Breadcrumbs is a pretty forgettable horror thriller that can't quite decide what it wants to be, it neither thrills or scares & leaves one feeling very unsatisfied. I thought it was well made but that's the best thing I can say about it.

Reviewed by Yogi8 2 / 10

Really boring, badly made film

I normally love cheesy horror but this film was just plain bad, and not bad enough to make good watching. The characters are bland, undeveloped, and the acting is terrible. The plot is slightly different than other horrors, but not interesting enough to make it worth watching for that reason alone, and the filmmakers don't provide any other reason. The pace plods on like a metronome ticking and there are no memorable moments, shocks or build ups that are so integral to the genre.

Skip this one if you're a fan of good horror, with or without cheese, because this one is just plain bland.

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