Breakheart Pass


Action / Mystery / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 4918


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Charles Bronson as Deakin
Charles Durning as O'Brien
Jill Ireland as Marica
Richard Crenna as Gov. Richard Fairchild
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Finally, someone read the book BEFORE making the movie!

One thing I do like about Breakheart Pass is that absolutely nobody is who he pretends to be. For the first time viewer, 90% of the fun is figuring just who the good guys and bad guys are on this train to Fort Humboldt in the Rocky Mountains. It's not revealed until about 75% of the film is done and when it is revealed the action steps up considerably.

A special train is being sent to Fort Humboldt with medical supplies and a relief force as cholera has broken out there. The territorial Governor Richard Crenna is taking personal charge of the operation, the troops are commanded by cavalry Major Ed Lauter. Along for the ride is U.S. Marshal Ben Johnson, Doctor David Huddleston, the Commanding officer's daughter, Jill Ireland. The engineer is Roy Jenson, the conductor is Charles Durning. Governor Crenna travels in style with a private car with a cook, Archie Moore and a server Victor Mohica. As you can see Breakheart Pass has a good cast.

Marshal Johnson arrests a fugitive, Charles Bronson, before the journey starts and circumstances force him to take Bronson along. People start getting killed on this trip, even before the train leaves and as I said no one is exactly who he seems to be.

Alistair MacLean for a non-American writer managed in this story to get the western ambiance down pretty good. Breakheart Pass combines the best elements of a western and a mystery and I wouldn't miss it if I was either a western or a mystery fan.

Reviewed by sdog47 7 / 10

good, solid western

The movie is a little too long, the plot isn't the greatest, and it "drags" here and there, but all the actors are excellent - Richard Crenna and Ben Johnson in particular. Charles Bronson does what he does best - be Charles Bronson. It has good stunts, and plenty of action - what you expect from a Western. To me the main item of interest is that Yakima Canutt, the first great movie stuntman, and later a great stunt coordinator, was the 2nd unit director. It was his last movie. He died the next year - 1976. He started in silent movies, worked with John Wayne on many occasions, and staged the chariot race in the nine-Oscar winning "Ben Hur." It's fitting that his last movie was a Western.

Reviewed by cengelm 7 / 10

Thinking that I was going to see a Western helped ...

... to add to the mystery. The film starts slow without boring the customer. We are introduced to some of the characters who will enter a military support train from Arizona(?) to Fort Humboldt, California. The train will pass only wild mountain landscape so that there is no leave. Mysterious things start to happen and we don't know what's behind, a situation roughly comparable to A LADY VANISHES from Hitchcock. So it's more a Thriller and Murder Mystery located in the Old West than a real Western. Bronson does a good job and handles the increasing action well, the other actors give some good but not great performances. The film would be better and more credible with some less mystery events and particularly less carcasses on the train. Why not dump them in the wilderness!? It must have smelled. But overall good and well shot entertainment.

Quite popular in Germany.

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