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Reviewed by brankovranjkovic 2 / 10

Middle Class Lady has Middle Class Baby (who cares?!) - Embarrassingly Awful

I like British made cinema or cinema with a strong British contribution, so I take no pleasure in my poor review. This chick-flick, ROM COM revolves around a group of characters, without any real depth, who move sluggishly through a predictable and boring plot, this time taking place several years after the 2nd instalment. The message here is that a woman is ultimately unhappy unless married, with a baby (to make her life complete), and so Bridget's quest continues.

Renee Zellweger returns with her fake British middle class accent, this time she's celebrating her 43rd birthday, and this time in search of (you'll never guess) – love, but also this time with the dilemma of pregnancy to one of two possible fathers.

Bridget's character narrates the 'important' points (as normal), and just to highlight where to laugh.

Colin Firth wheels out the same boring very 'proper' English character. The standard awkward atmosphere exists whenever Bridget is less than 20 feet from Darcy (YAWN!)

Patrick Dempsey is the (new) American character, who is a guru with a formula for love. Oh - and he's handsome, but to make him even more handsome he's a billionaire to boot. (REALLY?!)

There's lots of cliché scenes and jokes, some recycled from previous films, the film is very predictable, and I found boring. The secondary characters seem very 'tired' now, makes you wonder why they made such nonsense – money?

BEST BITS - Bridget didn't expect either man to take any responsibility for the baby, and she makes that clear. The soundtrack is good, and Ed Shearan is a good sport. The endearing message – 'True love will always find a way'.

WORST BITS - One memorable scene sees Bridget talking to a friend on her mobile while dropping the 'F' bomb several times, there are children in the background listening intently, the next scene shows Bridget arriving late at a christening, one of the same children shouts 'where the 'F' have you been?' not clever, not funny – SHOCKING!. Very dated jokes.

SUMMARY- The first film wasn't great but at least it was fresh and charming.

I sincerely hope there isn't a 4th instalment … 'Bridget Jones has yet Another Baby COZ I need the Money!'

Reviewed by fieros 1 / 10

Bridget Jones' Miscarriage

Bridget Jones is tired, old, flabbier than she used to be – and I'm talking about the film, not the actress, Rene Zellweger, whose boobs look alright😀

Anyway, ..bad, bad, bad .

just bad ..

very poor!

They had to stick in Ed Sheeran ha! It must be bad when a film can't rely on it's own merits to get by – poor Ed

Also, a lot of product placement! INTEL, Pregnancy test Brand .errrr .there were more – watch out for them if you can be bothered to re-watch this film

I was just wondering at the time, maybe they had a hard time getting the film off the ground and that's why they needed to use a lot of product placement sponsorship to get funded? I dunno. Just poor man .

I tell you what, if it weren't for the reasonably fun soundtrack and the ONE good joke – which, of course, I forget just now . there really would be nothing going for it at all – apart from that I'd like to live in London, so it was nice to see the apartment and some London scenery – but is that what I should be paying attention to in a film???!!!

Okay, some really harsh criticism now .

The film relied far too much on it's predecessors to carry the weight of the current relationship with Mark Darcy – history notwithstanding, a film should be gripping on its own merit – grip us because of its newness and wit and spark and charm – not rely on old ground covered to keep us going it just feels like poor nostalgic reminiscences of how good the first one was which, I can't really remember how good the first one was .was it any good?😛

Secondly, it's just such an OLLLLLLD concept and not even done well – the drama feels very teenage-y for a woman who is now 43 and has not seemingly learned ANYTHING AT ALL from all her past missteps and is still chronically a five-year old in terms of her views about romance – good GOD – the writers seem to have not taken into account the past three films, or however many there are now . I mean, the character has actually grown .well, should be seen to have grown, through these films .

But, no, we see Bridget unrealistically as idiotic, clumsy, supposedly naive and immature as she was right at the beginning of the stupid saga!! BAH!

It's kind of a travesty against the character herself – it feels like the writers or whoever wrote this film just thought they could give us a "pop" Bridget – like the Abba version of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica – if there was one – this film is it ..blaaaahhhhh

Like, they've reduced Bridget to really basic components and she doesn't really have any soul in her any more as a character – nothing wrong with the acting really – I mean, it's a bit Two dimensional, but, really, it's the script that's the problem.

I mean, I really don't actually care by the end who's bloody baby it is.

It feels like a teenager playing drama queen through the medium of film – just playing around with older figures, and not dealing with the mature concept of an unclear father, nor fatherhood, nor family, nor relationship dynamics, nor romance ..nor anything really with any maturity. Even the festival dancers were lame and probably not paid enough to do a good job – the extras I mean! It just didn't do anything justice at all. The emotional thread of the film revolved around this naive concept of romance and happily ever after – it never

dealt with the depth of confusion or emotional difficulty Bridget might actually be having with the situation.

It just wasn't emotionally realistic is all I'm saying.

Plus .I mean .the ending??????? REALLLLYYYY???? Do movie producers expect us to swallow the whole



I think the lesbian protesters in the film should have been given more say – they probably wouldn't like the idea that the fulfillment of a woman's life is marriage and children – or that it's a realistic way to achieve lasting happiness .

It just felt like an immature and kinda irresponsible treatment of what could have been a situation with a lot more emotional depth and interest.

Muhhhhr, Oh well. Go see sausage Party instead. It deals with relationship issues just a tiny bit more maturely! And the sex scene in Sausage party is much better

1/10 – and the 1 is for the soundtrack

Reviewed by wschmerer 2 / 10

Actually... This one made me a little miffed

---- Warning: This review includes spoilers -----

In giving feedback, one shall always start with a positive, and so I will. As commented by a few people before me: strong cast! This series of movies always had a good selection of actors, and the addition of Emma Thompson brings her special delicious style of humor, which I enjoyed. And so endeth the account of positive aspect(s).

Browsed the headlines of other reviews to see whether I am the only one who finds fault with this production, and I am not.

Found comments like "Bridget Jones is fading". I agree, there is a continuous decline in quality from the 1st to the 3rd installment. The story lines got more and more silly, making one want to ask "did she lose contact with reality, or had she none to begin with?" And replacing Hugh Grant with Patrick Depsey?! Seriously?!

There were comments on the level of banality of the story like "Middle Class Lady has Middle Class Baby (who cares?!)" and indeed, who cares?! And it does not get rendered exciting by her not knowing who is the father, the potentials being her married ex and a complete stranger from a drunken chance encounter...

What REALLY lifted my eyebrow was the 43(!) year old pregnant woman who completely ignores the need for prenatal diagnostics (amniocenthesis) and NO ONE, including the gynecologist seems to be alarmed by this. Nor does she have any concern since she seems to lack any information about the possible outcomes (where we are again at the "does she have any contact with reality" context). So, what is the message here? Is it "ah well, even with a highly geriatric pregnancy, we need no prenatal testing, since - voila - all will be well, there will be the absolute perfect, most beautiful baby in the end anyway"????. Wellcome to Fairyland! Masks me wonder about plenty of things including identity of financiers...

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