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Lily James as Older Skunk
Cillian Murphy as Mike Kiernan
Tim Roth as Archie
Rory Kinnear as Bob Oswald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Buscatcher 9 / 10

A little gem amongst the usual dross. Go see it.

The three families this story entwines are Broken in different ways, all live at the end of a cul-de-sac, a nearby scrapyard features in many shots where the crushing, mangling and pounding of cars in many ways reflects their lives. The central character is the insulin dependant twelve Year old 'skunk' played by Eloise Laurence. She lives with her father Archie, (the ever reliable Tim Roth) older brother Jed and their live in housekeeper Kasia.

Rory Kinnear is Bob the separated father of three near feral girls who run riot both at school and at home. When Bob finds a condom that one of the girls has been innocently playing with he jumps to the wrong conclusion. Which culminates in him giving a beating to Rick the backward son of Mr and Mrs Buckley. This is witnessed by Skunk and kickstarts an ultimately fatal chain of events. Running parallel with the story of these three families there is the on off relationship between housekeeper Kasia and schoolteacher Mike (Cillian Murphy). Plus the arrival of a traveller child Dillon who befriends Skunk.

If you enjoy Brit flicks in the mould of Mike Leigh or Shane Meadows this is a must see. Sparking on themes of love, loss, friendship and violence, this is a confident and unfussy directorial debut by Rufus Norris comfortably adapting to celluloid from the theatre. The way the story and characters interweave never feels contrived. The child actors are superb especially Martha Bryant as the youngest of the feral siblings who is outstanding. As is Laurence as Skunk who also sings on a couple of the Damon Albarn songs on the soundtrack.

The strange but ever reliable sign of a good movie is that amongst the dross at my local Cineworld this is only on show for one week (go figure). Cineworld get your ten screen act together please and support great British movies of this ilk. Films as good as this are few and far between throughout the year so get on the bus; to hell with the expense treat yourself to a taxi but get to the big screen and watch this little gem.

Reviewed by jihadsaade 9 / 10

A breathtaking film

From the very beginning of the film, I got hooked by the beautiful cinematography and style, by the choice of characters and the accuracy of the details and by the visual storytelling that reminded me again and again why I fell in love with cinema in the first place.

The subject treated in this movie may not be something new for the viewers but what I am certain of is that director "Ruffus Norris" really has a great vision and an amazing ability to capture the audience's complete attention every single second of the film, allowing the movie to drive them.

You'll definitely enjoy watching this movie and I assure you, it will be quite an experience. Few movies have succeeded in capturing me to the last frame but Broken is one of them, again, a courtesy of the amazing cinema of England.

The movie is based on the concept of causes and consequences that lead to certain actions and results that may be good or bad depending on the situation. It is set in a small neighborhood where the stories of the characters living there intertwine in a beautiful way.

It is a story about the loss of innocence, childhood, unfortunate events and people trying to do "good", and forced to do "bad".

Enough said, this film is definitely a must-watch this year.

Reviewed by dwardo rodregez 9 / 10

Just a stunning, harsh, real, heat-warming film.

This is going to be a very quick review as I do not wish to give anything away. It is a gritty, beautifully made, completely believable gem of a film.

The story could be set in any street in the UK and no doubt most will realise parallels with our own lives. Laughter, sorrow, pain, joy and all the things that make a stunner of a movie.

Brilliant acting through-out and no-doubt we will see these young stars again in the future. Tim Roth is Tim Roth and never lets you down so no news there.

Just go watch it.

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