Brother's Keeper


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pwaldron-2 8 / 10

Class review

We are a class of 8 that live in the town where the movie is filmed. We watched the movie and have gone over articles about the Ward brothers. The movie was riveting and very interesting. We weren't even born when this took place. Some of us had heard stories from our parents and grandparents and for the rest of the class this was the first time we heard about it. We feel the town has changed but the people are still the same. Even though the Ward brothers have passed on, their legacy still remains. They are still topics of conversations. We did not like it when Lyman was on the stand and having a nervous breakdown. Half the class feels he is not guilty and the other half are unsure. We are glad we got to see this film and read the stories.

Reviewed by Edgar Soberón Torchia ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Munnsville Horror

This incursion into the private lives of rural people that turn public by exposition in the media had an eerie effect on me. It was a subjective reaction to a real story that has nothing sinister about it, but I was deeply distressed and somehow frightened by the realization of how some people still live isolated from the world, and in unhealthy conditions, while at the same time being in touch with a community that finds them eccentric but is ignorant of their dysfunctionality. The disturbing story of the four Ward brothers, farmers who lived like hermits in a shack until old age, is material for a Gothic novel or a psychological thriller. When one brother dies in 1990, and his younger brother Delbert is arrested for murder, the "Munnsville horror" begins, manipulated by the media while the community defends the accused. For their opera prima, directors Berlinger and Sinofsky spent more than a year with the case. The result was highly rewarding.

Reviewed by PaulyC 8 / 10

touching documentary about murder in a small town

This well made documentary involving the murder trial of an illiterate farmer in upstate New York is about as well made as they come. Delbert Ward, a simple farmer who could hardly read, is accused of killing his brother, Bill, in his sleep. Motives for the crime ranged from 'mercy killing' (his brother was sick at the time) to even the suggestion of a sex crime (the brothers shared the same bed all their lives and never had girlfriends). Delbert signed a confession but claims the police made him sign and agree to certain things that weren't true just so he can go home. When the charges were made the whole town of Munnsville, NY, came to Delberts side to defend him and even got money together to release him on bail. This film is an interesting look into the lives of simple people being confronted with 'big city' police and attorney tactics. Even after winning some awards from big film festivals no one bought the film so the filmmakers self-distributed the movie themselves, taking it from theater to theater. It is now one of the most successful self-distributed films of all time. It now has distribution and is well praised. Good Stuff!

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