Brother's Keeper


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Michael Rooker as Chief Carver
Robyn Lively as Macaire Leemaster
Mackenzie Mauzy as Maggie Malloye
Ray Wise as Herbert Leemaster
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Reviewed by Destinrentals 10 / 10

Brother's Keeper Film

We really like the new release, "Brother's Keeper Film", produced by the industry's up and coming Steven Camp, Josh Mills and TJ Amato of Desert Wind Films. It's a period piece set in the late 1950's that takes advantage of gorgeous Georgia scenery in the southeast, U.S.A. The theme - forgiveness - is of universal appeal. The cinematography and musical score are absolutely enchanting. Adam Grant and band "Bad Horse" debut a fantastic rendition of an old time favorite, Amazing Grace. A talented slate of actors compiles a cast that brings this faith-based movie to life. Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead's Merle), Country's Hit star - Travis Tritt, Ray Wise (look him up - oh yeah!), athlete Peter Boulware, Shaun Clay, Daniel Samonas (Disney's Wizzard of Waverly Place)... the list goes on and I haven't even mentioned the leading roles played by twins Alex and Graham Miller! In the movie to keep track of which brother is which ... think Pastor PETE and Angry ANDY. That little tip helped me :) Just under 2 hours in length, this is wholesome entertainment at it's finest. Limited release in a dozen markets Nov. 1st. Intended for a broader release in 2014.

Reviewed by ndojagjovalin 9 / 10


well IMO whether you believe or not i suggest watch the movie first based on story then you can actually have a better review aside from whatever you believe and be honest with yourself how good this movie really is,look you don't have 2b religious to actually like this movie,however you might get the strong message. i thought this is very powerful yet a very good structure and most of all underrated. this is from a person who loves movies especially the good one and is my first time to write a review about movies in any sort,believe me i have never done this b4,is just that the movie was so good that made do this for the very first time,i hope you 2 will like it as i did. P.S i'm aware that are so many good movies out there and i pretty much have watched them all and this is certainly 1 of them.

Reviewed by K Smith 10 / 10

Great message

With so many movies and games romanticizing murder, revenge, stealing cars, etc..... it is wonderful to see a movie address a major moral dilemma that our society struggles with heavily, and offer a wholesome and healthy solution. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people but if you let Him, God will make the best of the situations we give him. And in the bigger picture He redeems even the most hopeless of circumstances. This movie has laughs, tears and if you let it, helps us reach deep inside and do something healthy with our unforgiveness. The movie is a blend of veteran actors with some new talent and overall they deliver the story with passion and conviction.

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