Brothers of the Wind


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vikingbyheart 6 / 10

The images of the wildlife are breathtaking!

Cinema has good films that tell a story between man and animal. Among them we can mention: Born Free (1966), Brother of the Wind (1973), The Black Stallion (1979), L'ours - The Bear (1988), Cheetah (1989), Fly Away Home (1996), Duma (2005), Eight Below (2006), Le Renard et L'infant - The Fox & The Child (2007), Life of Pi (2012) and The Jungle Book (2016). In Wie Brüder im Wind (original title) or Brothers of the Wind (English title), the story revolves around a child and a bird of prey, in 1960, in some place of the Austrian alps. In nature the eagle creates two chicks, and the strongest always ends up throwing the weakest out of the nest. Thus, after being pushed by the older chick out of the nest and fall to the forest floor, which would be a death sentence for the youngest chick, he is rescued by Lukas (acted by Manuel Camacho), which takes care of the wild animal in secret. With relationship problems with his father Keller (played by Tobias Moretti, known for Das Finstere Tal - The Dark Valley - 2014), the boy finds love and companionship in the bird, named Abel. But when the time comes to release the eagle back to nature will Abel be able to reintegrate himself to the wildlife and will Lukas find his own release for a new life?

The story is narrated by Jean Reno (known for Léon - The Professional - 1994), who plays the character Danzer, a forester who lives on site. The film is directed by Gerardo Olivares and Otmar Penker in a semi-documentary style. Its major highlights are photography, soundtrack and sound mixing. The images of the wildlife are breathtaking, especially the scenes made ​​with the eagle. The camera angles, including the mini camera installed on the eagle, enable the vision of all the landscape of the Austrian Alps, which is to behold. In that Brothers of the Wind does not lack anything when compared to the best documentaries about nature. The sound mixing gives realism to the narrated story, immersing the viewer in the animal life.

The weak point of the film that ends up compromising the movie's final result is the script. It focuses too much on the melodrama of the boy 's relationship with his father. While the scenes of wildlife are natural, family sequences are all artificial and forced. The writers trio (Otmar Penker, Joanne Reay and Gerald Salmina) errs in trying to turn the eagle struggle to survive into something bigger, making a link in Lukas and Abel's story. The directors and writers should have focused only on the nature and eagle majesty, who is the great protagonist of the narrated story.

Reviewed by Alenbalz 8 / 10

Flying high

Fantastic movie about a boy and a bird (the feathered kind: an eagle), which contrasts the relationship of boy and dad. Just amazing what one can do with 3 actors, and a couple of birds, interspersed with some breathtaking scenery of the Austrian alps, in winter, spring and summer, and excellent photography (that would rival anything David Attenborogh did). Both boy and bird are struggling to cope with their surroundings and survive. The boy saves (and rears) the bird when it falls (or more likely is kicked) out of it's nest, then has to cope with the reality of having to let it go free. The heart warming boy/animal relationship, is contrasted by the boy father tension, and we are carried through the storyline with an absorbing narration by Jean Reno. A refreshing change from the typical Hollywood movies of sex, violence, car chases and explosions.

Reviewed by Boris Zuti 9 / 10

Nature rocks

Great movie with beautiful animals and birds, there are few but very good actors. The bond between boy and eagle is very touching. I think this is great movie for entire family. It teaches us how our kindness and love for animals can help and save them, animals give us equal love back. Many people can learn from that. Jean Reno has nice voice that carry us throw this amazing adventure of the boy and great bird. I would like to say that nature is portrayed like humans bad attitude. When we have big snow storm we can also see boys father bad temper. Eagle as a baby bird and finally as a adult who is great prince of the wind.

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