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Alicia Vikander as Anne Marie
Lily James as Sara
Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones
Sienna Miller as Helene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by acosonic 10 / 10

Excellent movie, both fun and inspirational.

Obviously kids are giving rates on IMDb, so јudge movie by it's IMDb rating is ridiculous.

I personally hope that IMDb will hide its rating, or at last categorize it somehow, because to be able to fully understand some movies you need to fit the criteria, and in this movies case:

A. You are aged over 20 B. You tried to accomplish something in your life C. You cooked at last 100 meals :) D. You are driven by passion in your life

In my humble opinion, Bradly Cooper's acting is awesome, I didn't really expect he can handle such complex personality well, but he nailed it.

The plot and storyline are perfect. I rarely feel so motivated and inspired after a movie. So, my thanks to the director, writers, actors and producers for creating this movies!

Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by 851222 9 / 10


Greetings from Lithuania.

"Burnt" (2015) is another very solid movie in so called "food movies" like "Chef" (2014) - there aren't many of them, both loved them both. They are very different actually. That said "Burnt" isn't just about the creating of food, it is a about a very flawed character, who tries to put together his life back on track as well as receiving a 3rd Michelin star - which would make him a "Yoda" of chefs as one character puts it.

"Burnt" is very well paced, and although it's editing might distract someone (very quick cuts a la Michael Bay style), it fits very well into showing what is happening in the kitchen while you are waiting for your order. It's very nicely acted, especially by Sienna Miller who is becoming one of hardest to recognize people in movies these days - she is always looks and sounds different - she might pick up Oscar nomination one day (not for this movie though).

Overall, "Burnt" is very good movie, and it has lots of action... in the kitchen. If you like these kind of movies, you will probably enjoy this picture as well.

Reviewed by awester 5 / 10

Found it hard to enjoy this movie even with delectable food in it

I watched this movie simply because it starred Bradley Cooper and because I couldn't imagine a movie about food wouldn't be enjoyable. But the truth is I felt it was far away from being scrumptious.

Bradley Cooper's acting was not bad I should say, but it was just hard to love the character who was like an active volcano. Even at the end of the movie, I still feel he is gonna erupt anytime. The movie gave me the feeling that it wanted to touch on something but it never really reached there. There is always some distance between what it wants to tell and what it tells. Just like the part about Adam's history in Paris, I eagerly wanted to know how terrible it went all throughout the movie, but in the end I only got the impression it was pretty ugly. Some flashbacks might have helped. And what's the point of the language change? The intermittent use of French didn't add to the plot of the movie. It only gave a frail point that they used to live in Paris. And that's it.

The only scene I liked is the birthday cake Adam made for Helene's daughter. The only few minutes I felt I was enjoying it a bit. It was a tiny triumph overwhelmed by the tormenting characterization.

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