Butcher Boys


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller


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Ali Faulkner as Sissy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by txrmi69 10 / 10

Pure Madness!!!

First of all, I don't normally even post reviews for movies(Very Rarely), but really felt the need in this case. Many horror fans, who actually do read reviews first, could possibly miss out on an extremely entertaining film in my own personal opinion! I totally dug Butcher Boys and all of the absolute insanity that revolved around these 'twisted' psychos. This was definitely a brutally insane and very chaotic horror flick, that WILL have its fans!!! Butcher Boys was honestly one of the Most Outrageous and Bizarre movies I have seen in a Long Time by far that kept me on the edge of my seat! I thought it was great and it was without a doubt...90 minutes of Pure Madness!!!

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 8 / 10

Never quite real, but so much more fun that expected.

I threw this on for background noise, and it turned out to be pretty good to the end. It had a ethereal feeling like the Fancy restaurant that Jake, and Oy stumble upon while trying to get back to the Beam. I thought it was just another vampire movie, and I started to tune it out, but I liked the sound that kept drawing me back. The sound of a woman getting away over, and over again. That is a pretty good sound, so I was pulled in, and surprised by what I saw. This movie is what would happen if vampires ran the "Hostile" organization, but one night the kick ass survivor girl from "The Cave" shows up, and does her thing. I really ended up enjoying myself, and would recommend this to anyone who is a Buffy fan, or just likes good action/horror.

Reviewed by Nayara Oliveira 7 / 10

Not a horror movie,neither a comedy one

While I was watching this movie there was plenty of times I couldn't stop myself from thinking I was watching an anime. The way the guys walk, talk, that sniffing thing. At first, I thought the writer went bananas when wrote the script but in the middle of the story I got it. It has gore and remind me of Hostel at the beginning, then it turns out to be more like Scary Movie. The story is good, you need to know that it is an anime like story to enjoy it. So wait for something like uni- dimensional characters, unnecessary dialogs and somethings with a bad explication. I laugh with some of the butcher boys, I guess they wanted to do them as crazy guys who are mad in all the possible ways, their personalities reminded me of Deadpool. The dog and that dress, they're comic. The end is like what the…? I loved and hated this movie. That so bad that it's good thing. A good movie to relax if you relax with screams and this kind of crap. It has a lot of potential, it just was not used so well. PS: English is my second language, so I'm sorry about any mistakes.

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