Butcher Boys


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Ali Faulkner as Sissy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chaosbaron 6 / 10

All I can do is say why I liked it 6.5/10

Greetings, a lot of people don't like this movie as much while watching it. All I can do is provide you a breakdown of why I actually enjoyed it and you can take away what you will. Opinions may differ. Alright, some of the acting was shod, and some of the scenes felt silly. Most of the good guy characters were meh but the main female wasn't bad, a lot of main females have terrible sounding screams etc but I found her pretty good and not annoying (a plus right?).. On the other hand some of the villains were rather enjoyable, with points going to Johnny Walter. His screen presence and attitude felt comfortable and natural and very fitting for the collected "boss" of the villains. When it comes to the story if you compare it to a lot of other horror films that have higher ratings I suppose it has a lot more substance. I mean look at most of the Friday the 13th films (to which I am a fan), teens go back to crystal lake for some reason and jason chases and kills them, the end. That's the case with a lot of horror films. Or there is a weak plot thrown in as a excuse for torture porn and rape. I am not saying there is some in depth story or plot twists here, you are at least provided with some crazy setting and characters. As for the characters most of the good guys/victims were more or less forgettable, not a lot of substance but there rarely is in horror. The villains on the other hand were rather enjoyable for me, I liked their mix of rockabilly look (and I guess one looks like joaquin pheonix) and attitudes and the way they acted around each other. They at least made the effort to add various bits of personality to the various characters, some more than others. Music was mostly subtle, eerie sounds etc, nothing fantastic but better than some of the zombie movies lately that blast some trash garage metal. Atmosphere was nice, lots of eerie abandoned little areas and set pieces. Lighting wasn't too dark, off, or weird. The camera work and sound quality was quite decent, not much to say. Basic decent camera work. Well done. Wasn't too ridiculously overly gory and the shots of gore were not terrible, nothing tremendously new but nothing stupid either. And drum roll please NO RAPESCENE IN THIS FILM! I couldn't believe it! I finally get to sit down and watch a good old b horror gore film and didn't have to watch a shitty forced in rape scene. There is some nudity in the film though. There were some stupid parts yes of course, its a horror film. If a horror film void of stupid parts gets made it will probably lose its horror tag. The Amphead guy screaming into the speakers was midly annoying after a bit. I don't think the film is meant to be taken too seriously of course. I struggle between giving this a 6 (one over mediocre, enjoyable but not special) to a 7 which warrants a rather greater bit of interest I felt while watching so I suppose for now I will settle on a 6.5 Hopefully I provided a little insight. Would recommend more for horror fans and gore fans especially those who can sit back and enjoy the crazy.

Reviewed by txrmi69 10 / 10

Pure Madness!!!

First of all, I don't normally even post reviews for movies(Very Rarely), but really felt the need in this case. Many horror fans, who actually do read reviews first, could possibly miss out on an extremely entertaining film in my own personal opinion! I totally dug Butcher Boys and all of the absolute insanity that revolved around these 'twisted' psychos. This was definitely a brutally insane and very chaotic horror flick, that WILL have its fans!!! Butcher Boys was honestly one of the Most Outrageous and Bizarre movies I have seen in a Long Time by far that kept me on the edge of my seat! I thought it was great and it was without a doubt...90 minutes of Pure Madness!!!

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 8 / 10

Never quite real, but so much more fun that expected.

I threw this on for background noise, and it turned out to be pretty good to the end. It had a ethereal feeling like the Fancy restaurant that Jake, and Oy stumble upon while trying to get back to the Beam. I thought it was just another vampire movie, and I started to tune it out, but I liked the sound that kept drawing me back. The sound of a woman getting away over, and over again. That is a pretty good sound, so I was pulled in, and surprised by what I saw. This movie is what would happen if vampires ran the "Hostile" organization, but one night the kick ass survivor girl from "The Cave" shows up, and does her thing. I really ended up enjoying myself, and would recommend this to anyone who is a Buffy fan, or just likes good action/horror.

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