By the Sea


Action / Drama / Romance

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Brad Pitt as Roland
Angelina Jolie as Vanessa
Melvil Poupaud as François
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Ferguson ([email protected]) 3 / 10

grasping for a positive note

Greetings again from the darkness. As a devotee and lover of the cinematic art form, I tend to focus on the positive elements of films, and maintain a near reverent respect for filmmakers who engage in personal projects. Because of this, I typically avoid labels such as "bad" or "good" and instead focus on the experience. Unfortunately, this latest from writer/director Angelina Jolie (billed for the first time as Angelina Jolie Pitt) has delivered a prolonged experience of monotony and misery that can only be described as bad. Or awful. Or even beyond awful.

It's based in the mid-1970's and filmed on the island of Gozo in Malta. The setting is stunningly beautiful, and cinematographer Christian Berger captures the essence of this unique spot with naturalistic lighting and plenty of wide shots of the rocky beaches that provide the foundation for a classy and quaint inn run by Michel (Niels Arestrup, A Prophet). Roland (Brad Pitt) and Vanessa (Angelina Jolie) are the epitome of an unhappily married couple … though they are stylishly dressed while driving their 1967 Citroen convertible.

He is a writer who doesn't write and she is a former dancer who doesn't dance. While he is not writing, Roland sucks down gin, beer and anything else Michel will serve him. Vanessa mostly hangs out in the room popping pills and watching a fisherman in a row boat. When they are together, they rarely speak except to ensure we viewers understand just how miserable they are … with a lousy reason that isn't explained until late in the film. Mostly she bats her porn star fake eye lashes while he sports a porn star mustache.

A glimmer of hope emerges when a honeymooning couple takes the room next door. Lea (Melanie Laurent) and Francois (Melvil Poupaud) seem quite happy and enjoy spending time together in bed. We know this because Vanessa discovers a peephole where she can take in the sights. In what is probably the only interesting twist, Lea and Roland are soon sharing peeps … a step that somehow begins the process of rebuilding their relationship. Of course, that doesn't happen without many more scenes of misery prior to the quite predictable finish.

Angelina is clearly paying tribute to the 1950's and 1960's French art-house films, but having two unlikable lead characters who can't stand to be in the same room never allows the viewers to connect … though she seizes many opportunities to show off her exquisitely rebuilt breasts. The film is entirely too long – and feels even longer – as it squanders a real chance to explore the second stage of marriage. The beautiful scenery and Gainsbourg songs don't come close to making this a movie worth enduring.

Reviewed by thewildensemble 10 / 10

Jolie Pitt's stunning existential erotic drama

Every year I see any number of truly great films but there is usually one that hits me on different level to other great films altogether,a deeper level.In 2013 it was Ridley Scott's "The Counsellor",last year it was Jonathan Glazer's "Under The Skin".This year it is Angelina Jolie Pitt's deeply unusual,highly erotic and incredibly well realised "By The Sea".

First things first,the talk of it being a flop.It was never going to be a hit,never.It is strange,unconventional,very dark and slowly paced.It makes no concession to the filmmaking trends of today.Second thing,the accusations of it being a vanity project.Jolie's own character is very dislikable and says and does some horrible things in the film.Also,her age and her aging beauty (as in she lets the camera show the age in her face here) play a role in the film and Jolie isn't afraid to show that whereas Melanie Laurent's character is younger,more vivacious and more innocent.It absolutely is not a vanity project.

What the film is is a work of art and a work of true directorial vision.It is a fascinating exploration of relationships,grief,voyeurism and sexual mores.It goes places you don't expect it to go to.It is both incredibly dark (though hopeful) and incredibly provocative.In terms of the erotic aspect of the story,the way Jolie handles it is astounding.The voyeurism scenes are just stunningly shot and realised and the bathtub scene is one of the most powerful scenes I have seen in a film this year.Jolie could if she chose to pursue this subject matter in the future with her directorial work be an heiress to the great provocateurs like Lynch,Kubrick,Cronenberg and Adrian Lyne.Her command of mood and tone (the film is basically a tone poem) is superb.It is at different times reminiscent of Bertolucci,Kubrick and Pinter yet is still its own hypnotic,fiercely original thing.It also has a wonderful vein of dark humour.

As for the performances,Pitt is outstanding in a tricky role and gives one of the best performances of his career.That chemistry between him and Jolie is still there as well,though used somewhat differently this time.Melanie Laurent,Mevil Poupaud and Niels Arestrup are superb in their great supporting roles.Jolie gives the best performance though.As an actress she tends to be at her best when she underplays.Her work here is incredibly subtle.It starts off as a very stylised performance with her very slow line delivery due to the narcoticized state her character spends a lot of the time in.She communicates so much by doing so little.You cannot take your eyes off her.It is also a very brave performance as her character is dislikeable and does some awful things in the film.She looks astounding in the film as well.The way Christian Berger (whose cinematography is the best I have seen in a film this year) captures her face is fascinating.It is the first time I have realised how strange (which I mean in a good way) and just how unique Jolie's beauty is and the way he captures the age on her face is just wonderful.

People may dismiss this review because of my respect for Jolie but I call a spade a spade and if the film was dreck I would say so.But it is not.It is stunning.The best film I have seen this year,it is exactly the type of unique,provocative,strange,uncompromising cinema that I love. 10/10

Reviewed by Paula Lustemberg 10 / 10

Perfect timing to understand the characters without being told what to think

Petrified senses and how to feel alive. This is the point of the movie and it is pictured very well. Sometimes get too deep and uncomfortable. And that's good. Emptiness feels ugly but the movie dives in it and finds the way out in a humane way.

Even the critics talks about the slowness of this movie, slowness is the point of the story. She needs time, he gives it to her, and those kinds of emotions cannot be rushed. I found this movie timing perfect. It gave me time to understand the characters without being told what to think.

Beautiful movie.

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