Carnage Park


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 2361


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Alan Ruck as Sheriff Moss
Larry Fessenden as Travis 'Whiskey' Ginger
Ashley Bell as Vivian
Pat Healy as Wyatt Moss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rosecalifornia 3 / 10

The ole' college try

You can see they really gave it a good try with this film. In a very broad sense,as a hiker I can see the idea of a sniper up in certain hills here in Southern California and that would be horrifying.

But the thing is, you can see that in every single scene the writer, director, even the cinematographer had been influenced -greatly- by other films they had watched and he shows.

This movie is almost like multiple movies thrown together and not linked well at all. Another thing to note is the audio/sound guy, you have to wonder if he is self-taught in the garage? It seems he is trying to create or copy a certain type of effect from Goodfellas for instance - but it ends up sounding extremely amateurish.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Better once it stops trying to be a Tarantino film

'Carnage Park' starts out a very different film to the one it finishes as. It starts out trying to be overly stylish with slow-motion shots, flashbacks, over the top characters and music blaring over the top of scenes. All things you'd commonly see in Quentin Tarantino films, the only difference is that he has the ability to pull them off. So the film wasn't off to a great start. I've scene directors attempt to replicate his style before, usually for the entire duration of a film, and it is simply unbearable. Luckily for 'Carnage Park' it gives up on that pretty quickly and settles into a fun little film.

I think the element of using a sniper as the killer in films is under utilised in Hollywood films. It really is a creepy little device. You can never be entirely comfortable (or at all for that matter) when there is a sniper around. You are simply there one moment, gone the next. There's a bit of a 'The Hill Have Eyes' feel to this one, only with a slightly more realistic villain. Every scene is intense and a lot of them would fit nicely into any modern horror film. There's actually a lot to like here and if people push through the first 15 minutes or so I think they'll find they're quite enjoying themselves.

Reviewed by bloke_shwin 3 / 10

Tedious, boring n badly directed n badly edited movie.

I saw this on a pirated 50 rupees DVD. What the hell was the director thinking? Mickey Keating did a terrible job. The movie started well. Killer with a sniper gun. Killer shown shooting a victim. Pat Heally acted like a true psychopath. His facial expressions n accent was good. The deserted highway, the Californian deserts, bank robbery, hostage, all these gav me hope that this might b another Wolf Creek or another good thriller. I was wrong. The movie went downhill. Inspite of being only around 77 mins, i found the movie tedious n boring. At times i felt like switching off the movie. Very badly edited. Very badly directed. The soundtrack was awful. The acting of the remaining actors was pathetic. Larry Fessenden was jus there for few mins. Some decent cinematography but some of the scenes were so badly shot that I felt like turning my face away. Shaky cam, hand held, flickering lights in darkness were too tedious for me. Some scenes jus went blank (dark screen). I don't know what purpose does that serve. So many clichés. Viz. 1)When u take down/beat up a villain/creature/psycho, make sure that they r dead or completely down. 2)Whenever the main lead is terrified he/she accidentally stabs a scissor or a knife in an innocent person or cop's neck. So many times this scene been repeated in horror films man. It's getting repetitive.

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