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Chloƫ Grace Moretz as Carrie White
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Judy Greer as Ms. Desjardin
Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cultfilmfreaksdotcom 2 / 10

They'll All Laugh At... What Exactly?

Take away the telekinetic powers, the hyper-religious mother and a bucket of pig's blood on the noggin, the original CARRIE, a suspenseful Stephen King adaptation directed by Brian De Palma, is really about a high school girl who doesn't fit in. That fact is obvious just by looking at Sissy Spacek's Carrie White, who seems as though she's never belonged to any campus clique judging by her distant, dazed expression.

While Spacek was a natural beauty in earlier films like BADLANDS and PRIME CUT, she was turned into a homely outcast… But Chloë Grace Moretz doesn't have any problem whatsoever: Lose the permanent scowl and she's cuter than most of the girls, even the popular bullies…

So it doesn't quite work when sympathetic Sue Snell, played by an elfin Gabriella Wilde, talks boyfriend Tommy Ross into escorting Carrie to the prom. Sappy scenes bordering on awkward TWILIGHT romance gives the impression he's one lucky guy with two lovely girlfriends… But Carrie has a load of trouble at home in the form of crazy mom Margaret White....

Without further comparing this to the original, Julianne Moore, filling the famous Piper Laurie role, tries her over-the-top best with spooky long hair and an icy disposition, but acts more like a kooky soccer mom in dire need of xanax than the main ingredient for her daughter's deep rooted problems…

Enter Carrie's freewheeling use of telekinesis… Her ability to easily manipulate elements, like a young Jedi or a Hogwarts pupil, makes you forget she's a troubled girl who can't control ominous powers. In one scene, as her schoolbooks float jovially around the bedroom, you'd think she discovered a quick way of finishing chores or perhaps a time-filling substitute for not having a Facebook or Twitter account.

And then, once we arrive at the inevitable doomsday prom, when Carrie goes to town with hellishly lethal vengeance, you'll wonder if this entire remake occurred just to witness a group of young people being slaughtered care-of computer-generated effects...

If that's the case, the maligned 90's sequel THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 covered this unnecessary ground already.

Reviewed by A_Random_Guy_22 4 / 10

Take Sissy Spacek to the prom instead.

Having followed this film from its initial announcement up to its release, I can assure you it's not at all what we were promised. Several interviews with the cast and crew members claim it to be a more faithful adaptation of its original source; the 1974 novel penned by Stephen King. It's not. No, Screen Gems and MGM's 2013 revamp of 'Carrie' is more akin to that of the 1976 film, which featured numerous changes from the book - all of which are still present here. This is only a minor gripe as its not an issue, per say, I just don't appreciate being misled. On we go.

Moretz plays the titular character and, whilst a fantastic young actress, she was definitely lacking something here and her performance is just short of believable. Most of the time, it just came off flat. I said from the get-go she was a miscast, but I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt - and she just didn't quite pull it off for me. It would've been advisable to hire someone a tad older with more experience, but I digress.

On the completely other hand, Moore delivers an absolutely brilliant performance as Carrie's psychotic mother, Margaret. Fantastically creepy, and while she may be no Piper Laurie (1976's original), her superb portrayal is the best thing in this movie - and one that longs to be in a better film.

Let me compare with the original for one second. The 1976 film slowly builds Carrie's powers so when it comes to it, the prom destruction is a complete shock. But here? Oh, no. It was more like watching Matilda than Carrie. Levitating books, humans... you name it. By the time it gets to prom, the extent of her powers are no longer a surprise and it all comes off as rather tame actually. I certainly didn't get any satisfaction from it. They cranked the CGI up to 110, however. In this case, less is definitely more. Director take note.

The supporting cast do their best with what they're given, notably Portia Doubleday as Carrie's nemesis Sue, making the film not completely without its merits, but when it comes down to it, 2013's Carrie really just feels like a pale imitation of the 1976 film. It doesn't bring anything new or fresh to the table and it doesn't even feel like it tries to, which I suppose is fine if you've never read the book or seen any of the film adaptations. But if you have, you might be better off taking another visit to that prom.

Like going to your own prom and not being crowned anything, there's no real payoff. 4/10.

Reviewed by Darrellbjones 4 / 10

Not terrible, but you will probably find yourself bored and disappointed

First off, let me start out by saying this isn't a terrible movie. It certainly is not one of the worst horror movie remakes out there, but I can't help but feel disappointed from the 2013 version of Carrie. First off, this movie does not really add anything new to the mix. It's basically a copy of the original 1976 film, just with a modern setting. I generally am less critical of remakes than most, so the fact that I didn't like this should indicate that it just wasn't that good. I found myself bored throughout a lot of the movie. I've already seen the original, so why do I need to pay to see the exact movie again?

The director really should have gone out of her way to differentiate this film from its predecessor, instead of making a near shot-for-shot remake like 1998's Psycho. One example of a remake that attempts to add something new to the mix is Rob Zombie's Halloween. While that film was pretty weak also, at least it tried to inject something new to the storyline. The only thing I can say that was better about the 2013 Carrie is that the gym teacher lived. I never understood why she died in the 1976 version since she was one of the few people that was nice to Carrie, so her survival made more sense in this movie. Other than that, the original far surpasses this version. If you haven't seen the original, you might like this film as you have nothing to compare it with. However, some that haven't seen the original still might find themselves bored. One last criticism with this version is the prom scene. You'd think with the special effects improvements between 1976 and 2013, this version's killer prom sequence would blow the original's out of the water. Not the case, as the original killer prom scene was much better in my opinion

Overall, this wasn't a terrible film, but cannot even remotely compare to the original. Those that haven't seen the first film might very well enjoy it, but for those who have, you most likely will leave the theater disappointed. This remake was completely unnecessary, and adds absolutely nothing to the mix. If you've seen the original, then you've basically seen this as it's a hollow copy of it.

Final Rating: 4/10

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