Carry on Cleo


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 3098


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Jon Pertwee as Soothsayer
Jim Dale as Horsa
Wanda Ventham as Pretty Bidder
Warren Mitchell as Spencius
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FUX 10 / 10


This has to be the best of the earlier (Anglo) carry ons. There are many great moments to this film, with all the team except Hattie Jaques and Barbera Windsor. As usual it is Williams who shines through (as Caeser), but all the team put in top performances, notably Connor (as Hengis). With such lines as "Infamy, infamy , Oh they've all got it in for-me" I say it again Williams is the STAR. We start off in England during a typical summer (RAIN), where Hengis and Horsa are going about their lives (making square wheels and thus inventing the Window Frame) They are captured by the Romans and taken to Rome to be sold as slaves. Eventually Hengis ends up as Caeser's body guard who swaps roles with Caeser to meet Cleopatra. There is simply FUN FUN and more FUN to be had throughout.

Reviewed by Stephen Stratford ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Carry On Cleo

An excellent script helps make this film one of the best Carry On films. Full of memorable moments, and acted by a superbly casted group of actors.

Reviewed by elbulgarian 10 / 10

My favorite "Carry on" piece

All actors are great in this one, but Cleopatra (Amanda Barrie) just makes my day every time I watch that movie (or a part of it). Yes, I do keep play it over and over again, as it kills almost immediately bad mood, any form of depression and so on. Personally I do not remember seeing such a humorous performance by any other actress. She's so natural and makes such a great contrast to the popular image of the Egyptian queen, acting as an average modern (for the time) American housewife. The funniest female performance on TV (and I believe on the big screen too) I have ever seen. Cult line by Mark Antony, right after getting a quick preview of what Cleo would do for him in return for killing Caesar: "Puer Oh, puer, oh puer!" Which, as any schoolboy knows, means, "Boy. Oh, boy. oh boy!"

Great movie, great fun from the old school!

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