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Ivana Milicevic as Rachel
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Sandra Oh as Veronica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gerryabcde 10 / 10


Hollywood actress's are always complaining,they don't write scrips for women.well this film proves the opposite.two points iwant to make about this film 1. this is the first time i have ever seen a film the portrays woman as they really ar 2. the acting is astonishing with five great roles for the cast.could it be that this film flopped because who likes to se a truth-full mirror to the human condition. also a great polemic of modern day values or lack of them.i beg you to watch this underrated masterpiece.

Reviewed by EdRad89 8 / 10

A Woody Allen with a dash of Louie C.K. and gloriously sprinkled with John Wick film

You'll feel the same way, at least regarding the Woody Allen feeling this movie has. The two leading ladies make a full blast on screen with two magnificent portrayals of strong willed but down on their luck big city women, who clear their old "niceties" from the start, using not arguments but fists, claws, wrenches,etc. The drama is, nonetheless, real and not even close to light. But the blend between comedy,tragedy,drama and irony goes from one into the other massively fast paced and it blurs the lines in some spots. You almost anticipate the brutal encounter of these broads, who go from rock bottom to sky high and back again when not fighting in a mortal combat way. Alicia Silverstone brings a cute add to the fold but she's rather unremarkable all and all. Some noticeable undertones regarding the modern world's excessively aggressive and artificial standards, the annoying fits of artists and the cruelty of humans, mostly. The main attraction remains the twilight of the gods, the fabulous feline war. If well acted violence is a turn on, then this is right for you. Any time, any where. Enjoy! I know I did!

Reviewed by stevepat99 1 / 10

Idiotic 'black' movie not black comedy + wasted talent!

I've always been a Heche, Oh fan and who can forget Clueless. With that said go to a blood and guts illegal bare knuckles fight to near death. Choose the three worst rounds. Space the rounds one per 30 or so minutes of screen time, fill the rest with a hideous screenplay and voila, you have this movie. Also, some totally illogical violence. You bean someone in the head with a ROCK and no sequela? Use hammers, boards and no broken bones? But on the flip side three of the longest sequences I've seen on film of two women beating the crap out of one another's faces and body blows. You may or may not like the ending IF you can find it. On the very big plus side, for reasons I cannot figure out, I don't recall any hair pulling, the very attack in most all catfights. Finally a hint of its comedic side(dialog changed to avoid spoiler): She asks: Why are you helping me. Reply: Because I enjoy looking at you knowing you've suffered unimaginable personal loss. It does not get much funnier then that.

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