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Eliza Dushku as Catwoman
Tara Strong as Buttermilk Skye
John DiMaggio as Rough Cut
Liliana Mumy as Holly Robinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10


This short Catwoman film is featured on the Batman: Year One DVD. It's about Catwoman (Selina Kyle) voiced by Eliza Dushku that tries to track down a mysterious cargo shipment that is linked to a Gotham City crime boss called Rough Cut. I think the most famous scene from this 15 minute short film is when Catwoman gets on stage and dances sexy on a pole and unzips her uniform and well things are starting to get pretty hot if you know what i mean. I believe that this is after the events of Year One cause she has a better costume her more classic costume and she looks better in here than the actual movie and i appreciate that a lot. I'm going to give just for that scene alone a 10 out of 10 it's totally worth it.

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Catwoman is a true challenge

And that is not only the case for bad guys who try to fight that very fast heroine. This also really is the case as well for filmmakers. Everybody knows about that unsuccessful Halle Berry movie and opinions differ about Anne Hathaway's turn, but here in this short film I was not really impressed either. However, that probably had more to do with the unsatisfying story than with the character itself. It's just never edge-of-seat stuff. Eliza Dushku did the voice acting here and I quite like her as an actress. She did okay all in all with her voice in here I would say. The director is Lauren Montgomery, actually a very experienced filmmaker in terms of animated superhero work, so I am even more disappointing that this one here left me hoping for more. Same can be said about the writer, which is maybe the even bigger problem that Paul Dini did not really come up with a super-engaging story or villain. Anyway, all in all I cannot recommend this 15-minute short film from almost 5 years ago. I also watched the Jonax Hex DC Showcase and I thought that one was a lot better. Another problem I had here is Catwoman randomly stealing a motorbike from some punk. I know she is not clean-cut good (or evil) like Batman or Superman and she has more shades to her character, but still I found that somewhat annoying. Yeah, not recommended.

Reviewed by psych58 8 / 10

Catwoman foils a smuggler's plot and rescues an old friend.

Okay, did we all watch the same show, here? I've seen several complaints about the quality of the animation, and I keep wondering what part are they complaining about? The car chase, the multiple fight scenes, the pole dance (!), it all looked great to me, far above the usual quality of US animation. Example: check out the backgrounds and you see people actually moving, not just static figures.

Granted,character development wasn't superb here, but from a pure action perspective this was a great debut for our favorite pussycat antihero. I mean, how much character development can you cram into a short? Which is my one complaint and the reason why I only gave it an 8. I wish it would have been longer.

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