Charlie's Farm


Action / Horror

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Tara Reid as Natasha
Nathan Jones as Charlie Wilson
Bill Moseley as John Wilson
Kane Hodder as Tony Stewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matthew Birkhofer 4 / 10

A Generic B-Slasher

I'll keep this short, this is just a B-slasher, nothing more nothing less. A group of 20 somethings go in search of some infamous location with a brutal past, only to encounter someone from said past and all hell breaks loose.

There is violence, gore, language, sexual undertones, and not much else. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could make something like this, it's a very straightforward story.

The only redeeming qualities are Nathan Jones who is 7 feet tall and 350 plus. He's huge and the movie takes advantage of it! He's pretty damn intense. There is also a VERY well done throat slit scene that looks fantastic. Slow motion with phenomenal effects, one of the most intense graphic scenes I've seen. Bravo

But outside of that, we've seen this type of movie done before and far better. But if you are someone who enjoys cabin-in-the-woods type movies with very little subtext, this is something you will surely enjoy.

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 5 / 10

It Was OK.

The movie wasn't great by any means, but it was certainly watchable. The acting was pretty good for what the movie needed. However, after they're at the farm, two other people show up. I figured they were thrown in to be the first killed so the audience could have more time with the original four characters.

Charlie's backstory wasn't too bad. However, why did he have yellow eyes? lol. I can understand the crooked back, but the eye color was a bit silly.

Much of the movie happened as I thought it would, except for the end. I won't spoil it other than to say it was...not expected.

Tara Reid was pretty good in the movie, but she really does need to put on some weight. When she was crossing over the fence in the beginning of the film, it looked like she had no bicep muscle. She's a pretty girl and a fair actress, but she needs to take care of herself.

There is a bit of nudity in this. In Charlie's backstory, a woman is tied to a bed, and one of her breasts is visible. Later in the movie, Donkey is getting out of a lake, and his butt is shown.

The kills were...gross. So, if that's your thing when you watch this type of movie, you'll like this. I don't usually cringe about death scenes in horror films, but I did in this one. As I said, they were gross.

I gave this a 5-star rating. If you like horror films, and you're sick of the 1-star low-budgets that have awful actors/actresses, this will be a refreshing change. Mind you, it's not great, but it's good enough if you've got 90-minutes to blow.

Reviewed by Tanya Michelle 1 / 10


As an Aussie, I am truly ashamed of this so called horror. I'd hate people to think this is the kind of crap we produce.

I have no idea who the people are rating it so high, but I'm sure they have been paid to do so.

The actors were mundane and monotone. I was glad when they were slain.

The Charlie character was unbelievable, down to the silly contacts he wore.

Some movies are so bad, they're good. This is not one of them.

I think IMDb need to check who is writing these reviews, as I cannot see how people are raving on about how fantastic the film is, and how awesome the acting was. I've seen better acting on Neighbours.

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