Check Point


Action / Thriller / War

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Mindy Robinson as Rebecca
Tyler Mane as Deputy Stacks
William Forsythe as The Sheriff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dpavluk-13413 2 / 10

Even I couldn't stomach this B movie

First off, I love movies, all kinds of movies. Good, OK, Awesome, I like to watch action flicks. HOWEVER, this is way over the top. William Forsyth was good, but the rest of the cast was just blah. And by the time you reach the final scene of the movie, your head should start to spin.

SPOILER ALERT: So you are a renegade group of soldiers fighting off a group of Army soldiers - that were delivered by civilian helicopter, but anyway - you're being over run, and using an M72 LAW, you fire at, and shoot down, A FLAG POLE!...Really?! There are ways to make an artistic point in a movie. This one missed by a mile...smh.

Reviewed by James Dempsey 1 / 10

The most wonderfully horrible movie ever made

I don't know any other way to put it. This movie isn't just bad, it's shockingly bad. It's wonderful in it's horribleness.

The raw acting talent of the foliage on the set are matched only by Mindy Robinson's cleavage.

The special effects are so bad that it makes a low-budget SciFy channel movie look like the latest Roland Emmerich mega flick.

And the dialog, well, I think I can give it a pass based on the assumption that each scene was written by a different person just minutes after the previous scene was shot.

All of this could be forgiven were it not for the fact that the entire story is just disjointed, doesn't resolve anything, and didn't appear to be going anywhere anyway.

Reviewed by smicyus 1 / 10

Wtf did I just watch

This was by far the worst movie I have ever watched. I was bored and it was on Netflix. But dude!!!!! Just awful. Whoever rated this movie as 10's clearly are morons or they worked on the film and trying to boost the rating. The movie is just non stop stupid. If I could give it a negative number I would. It's just really bad. Not a single person in this movie should ever be in another movie and they should be ashamed for making this one. It's just so awful, makes no sense, and is a complete waste of time.

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