Child 44


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 51240


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Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov
Joel Kinnaman as Vasili
Noomi Rapace as Raisa Demidov
Vincent Cassel as Major Kuzmin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Olga 10 / 10

Lose Yourself

Excellent opportunity to lose yourself in a brilliantly multifaceted, deftly crafted story about love, war, politics, serial-killers, violence, loyalty, betrayal, tenderness, and back again. And again. New every time. Fresh, like running water, the story keeps you guessing throughout, and yet at the same time it feels oddly familiar, a bit like seeing your own reflection in the mirror for the very first time. Acting? Seamless. The entire cast, not just the ever so captivating leads. Not one false note amongst the lot. I vote Child 44 should receive the much coveted Collective Oscar Award 2016. Direction? What direction? Surely, the story just went and told its spellbinding self. By itself. Daniel who? And as for the cinematography, the look and feel of this film was authentic and distinctive enough for me to actually look up the DP's name: Oliver Wood. Who's probably just another genius on board of Child 44. Could go on, but think this more than covers the IMDb's suspiciously lofty demand for a mini-essay. Hope you enjoy watching Child 44 as much as I did.

Reviewed by Leroy von Estwick 10 / 10

Just to counter the ones who downvoted out of pure grief.

I'd say amusement-wise this movie is worth 7.5 out of 10. The story holds his own and apart from the accents that might perhaps now and then throw of some authentic feel the movie is certainly enjoyable.

Since the book in itself is superb, and by no means historically 100% accurate as the writer Tom Rob Smith also wrote in the last pages of the book, so no need for anyone to get their panties in a twist.

Of course the same goes for me, so I will try to be as little judgmental as possible.

That Stalin is responsible for the deaths of millions of Russians, is still today for many Russians a form of western propaganda.

Having had a Russian girlfriend a couple of years ago at her hometown somewhere in Russia (It's precise town is irrelevant) me, a few friends of mine and her sister were having a drink and a laugh in her apartment.

At some point we all had to name a historic person who was important to our country and someone we saw as role model, hero or whatever.

When my girlfriend's (19 year old) sister named Stalin I first assumed she began to develop a sense of sarcasm and I laughed at what I expected to be a joke. This infuriated her and so the game was suddenly over. Any arguments made in my defense by me and my friends mentioning some of Stalin's gruesome crimes committed upon his own people were received as US propaganda/Western lies.

What some people also here fail to realize is that this is no Hollywood propaganda. The sequel of the book is called Kolyma, are those gulag camps western propaganda also? For the purpose of exaggeration: I wonder if Nazi Germany had not been defeated during world war 2, would we see many people here at IMDb (in a post-NAZI Germany) 70+ years later commenting on movies like Schindler's List or The Grey Zone, only to paint them with the same brush of Western propaganda?

For some: please don't watch this movie if you have font memories of the Soviet Era.

For everyone else: It's a nice flick with a great cast, go watch it!

Reviewed by lukefairbrother 10 / 10

Great from hardy once again

Good film, great acting from the two leads, what more can you ask for. It's not a great book to film adaptation but if you forget the book it's worth a watch. I've seen a lot of criticism on the political and historical accuracy, it's a film not a documentary you wouldn't say gladiator isn't good because it's not accurate it's not meant to be it's purely fiction with the exception of the fact it's based on a serial killer from the same country. Summing up it's a good watch for those who like thrillers and tom hardy. The film itself is probably a 7/10 but tom hardy and noomi rapice were so convincing as the leads that I upped it to a 10. I was disappointed we didn't see much of Gary oldman as he is also one of my favourite actors but the small part he played was played very well. Everyone played there part to make an exciting story with a rather weird ending but oh well it was worth the watch anyway. :)

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