Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
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Sean Bridgers as Jedediah
Aubrey Dollar as Naomi Johnson
Terence Knox as John Garrett
Christie Clark as Lacey Hellerstat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dilapidated_mind 3 / 10

nothing special

Although I am a horror fan I didn't enjoy the first Children of the Corn film much, so my view might be a little biased. Although having said that the movie did have its good points, the children were good actors/actresses, the violence was realistic and in moments semi chilling. Unfortunately this sequel shares none of these traits.


The first death scene is quite surprising, I mean the guys are killed by corn, well that is dodgy. In the Stephen King short story the corn was there to serve as the vector for the children's pagan blood lust. They were killing to make it grow, though it is fantasy/horror it makes more sense than killer corn leaves that can smash through glass by simply being blown in a gust of wind believe me. Not only that but this scene reminds me so much of The Omen it's unbelievable, and what's with the Friday the 13th sound effects and Predator visuals? Hell this monster in the corn even has Return of the Jedi force powers!

And what's with the old woman's demise, crushed to death by her own house? Now that is quite original, and when I was first told of this by my Cousin I pictured it vividly. Someone slowly being crushed under their own house, nobody finds the body, nobody even knows she's dead, until finally the smell of muddy hair, rotted flesh and mushed bones greet the next visitor on that hot summers morning.

Maybe I was putting too much thought into this segment because yet again this is a scene ruined by cheesy references to other films. The lady goes under her house after her precious cat. When she is directly in the centre the children surround it, take the cat out and release the device raising it from the ground. The house slowly starts to come down on her and she wiggles backwards trying to escape. The children just stand there trying to look creepy, she almost gets out, why aren't they kicking her to force her to crawl back under? In the original at least the kids were violent; in this they just try to be mysterious. Well luckily for them she is too old to escape certain death and the house reaches the ground level crushing her lifeless… and leaving her legs poking out from underneath. But even that isn't enough for the cheesily poor script writers, who wrote in that her last words should be "oh what a world!"? seriously they need to be slapped. All realism is thrown out the window at this point, that is if you hadn't done so already what with the Journalist mentioning in a almost tribute manner "Jones Town" just to be controversial (or maybe its just that all American news reporters are inconsiderate slimeballs) and the "killer predator in the corn" bull.

And how many times is the word "corn" used in this film anyway? Every time uttered its like a needle being drilled into my brain. Just stop already we get it.

The Dr who was being nice to the children earlier on in the film gets the worst death ever, and I mean worst, luckily he gets a lolly straight after. I wish I could tell you more but unfortunately I fell asleep, well it was 5am so it could have been that, but let's put it this way I'm an insomniac.

This film does have its good scenes, mainly when Danny is arguing with his dad, the teenage wit and angry demanding parent though stereotypical is realistic and at least gives the movie some sense of reality before it generates into the monomania of your average American teen horrorfest.

If you're a fan of the original maybe you should ignore my small analyses, it's possible you might like this. I mean the Freddy films became a bit silly, humorous, comic book and people still enjoyed them (I know I'm one of them) But the fact of the matter is, if your looking for a serious, creepy, dark horror film then your best bet is to stay away from this horrid sequel.

Reviewed by Kirk Wagstaff 3 / 10

"TV is full of violence, BLOOD and fornication!"

After the disappointing King horror film about a weird cult who worship crops comes the sequel. This has all the makings of a lame duck in classic 1990's style.

The same cult that destroyed the lives of adults in the first film are "rescued" and adopted by a modern American housing estate town. What this means is, plenty of adults die and He Who Walks Behind The Rows is mentioned approximately once every one minute thirty seconds and frustration ensues. Surely any god is going to be embarrassed at such a crap name, but these Amish kids are not only stupid but ugly as well.

Finding laughs with this film is like shooting fish in a barrel, albeit unintentional. Surely finding death amusing shows an unhealthy mind, but the victims in this must surely deserve death for their stupidity. A prime example being an elderly woman who's house is somehow propelled by a lift, who just happened to be misfortunate enough to become crushed by her own house rescuing her moggy. Or how about the wheelchair-bound granny that conveniently crashes through the window of a bingo hall at the shout of full house. The drinks are on him! Oh, how this movie has something against the pensioners. There's also some great acting by the church vicar who manages to patronise even the cult who worship the thing named He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

So as you can guess COTC2 doesn't really require much intelligence to watch. It's basically a rehash of COTC, with elderly people being picked off in their dozens and lots of kids reciting Shakespeare incorrectly.


Reviewed by mutty-mcflea 3 / 10


The second film in the monotonous maize-based horror series takes place soon after the events of the first film, with reporter Terence Knox trying to discover what happened in the now empty town. Oddly, although every adult in sight and several children are dead, the cops disappear after a few minutes, leaving Knox free to discover bodies all over the place.

It's the same mixture as before - various characters are killed by a group of spooky kids and their cornfield - with the addition of perfunctory romances and boring troubles between father and son. The film is repetitious beyond belief, seems twice as long as it really is, and as the plot revolves around Knox piecing together what we already know it's also entirely redundant.

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