Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joris 6 / 10

Cool Australian DIY cinema

An Australian b-movie! This low budget feature concerns the shy and socially awkward Warren that runs an ice cream truck. Being the product of heavy bullying and social isolation (seen through his own in-camera confessions), he is obsessed with a television actress of a local TV-show and gets completely euphoric when she shows up at his van to buy some ice cream. In the meanwhile he encounters several people who mock him or are themselves quite weird. After numerous setbacks, Warren gets Travis Bickle-like crazy. Luckily, the pretty predictable plot and rather conventional cinematography are outweighed by the authentic DIY feeling and an awesome over-the-top performance by Glenn Maynard (Warren), but it's too close to make a real impression. It seems like Maynard and Addison Heath (the writer of Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla) are on an underground crusade though. After their collaboration on this movie, two others will follow: Under a Kaleidoscope and Bubblegum: A Detective Story. I wonder how those will turn out to be!

Reviewed by william-clare11 10 / 10

Chocolate Strawberry Vanila

I am a massive fan of this film. So, Much so that I ended meet writer and started working with him.

I have just produced his upcoming film "The Perfect Nonsense"

If you like this film sure to check out, the writers two upcoming films.

Mondo Yakuza (2016) The Perfect Nonsense (2017)

There is something special about this film. It disturbing yet beautiful at the same time, and you really build a connection with Warren.

Glen Mayard does an amazing job, and having worked with him. He is seriously a very talented actor.

Reviewed by Big John Johnson 7 / 10

I want nuts with that

It starts off a bit iffy but once it gets into the plot it is a very intriguing film.

Gray Maynard is great in this film. The jerk off scenes are equally hilarious, disgusting and sad.

This is a great story about obsession.

The directing is very original and well done and so is the script you really start to care for Warren.

It catches you off guard by being absurd.

I have never seen a film before that uses a TV show in a movie as a learning toll for the plot . The video diary's are greatly done and you really start to see Warren in a different light. These videos were inspired by an actual stalkers video diary's.

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