Christmas Bounty


Action / Comedy

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Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin as Mike 'Mikey Muscles'
Francia Raisa as Tory Bell
April Telek as Gale Bell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J. H. 2 / 10

Ridiculously Stupid

There hasn't been a new Christmas movie that has been worth watching in a very very long time.

This movie reminded me of bumbling three stooges type of antics.


A very unrealistic slapstick goofy dumb and dumber type of film where thousands of gun shots are fired by not only the bounty hunter family and co-workers, but the bad guys as well.

NOT ONE of those thousands of gun shots ever hit anyone. Bounty hunters that can't hit their target? Really? Every thing else was hit BUT the actual target.

Maybe this movie was meant to be a slapstick type of comedy where you're not supposed to take it too seriously, but it went way past that.

C'mon ABC Family, Hallmark, Lifetime and other networks that normally put out new Christmas movies every year. Please make a Christmas movie that is truly worth the viewers time. It is rare to see a really good heartfelt holiday movie with great acting and a very good script that was executed brilliantly. While rare, they ARE out there but they're few and far between.

These dumb holiday movies that they throw at you every year are tiring and a waste of time.

Reviewed by jrmoviemaniac 6 / 10

A different kind of Christmas movie

I saw this movie earlier tonight and i was very surprised.Its not your average Christmas movie its about two people who are bounty hunters trying to get this criminal before Christmas.Thats a brief summary but its an interesting premise.I did enjoy this film for what it was:The actors got the job done especially WWE wrestler The Miz.Francia Raisa did fine for the role she had to play,and the rest of the cast for the most part did a good job.The action sequences were done well without bad editing or shaky cam which I hate in most movies today. There are some flaws:The film is predictable in some cases,and some things could have been cut like the scenes in the club,the break dancing at the end,and some sexual innuendos.Overall,its a decent film thats not for everyone(Just a little warning)but I found it entertaining.6/10

Reviewed by callanvass 3 / 10

This was a big "MIZtake"

A former Bounty Hunter (Francia Raisa) leaves her tumultuous life behind when she decides to kick it to the curb for an easier lifestyle. She becomes an elementary school teacher, finding a fiance in the process, who has no idea of the life Tory once lead. Tory is forced to go back to her old life when an old nemesis wants revenge. I don't wanna come across as the Grinch. I really did try to go into this movie with an open mind! I'm not that easy to please. I love wrestling, but I'm not a Miz fan. Naturally, when I found out about this movie I decided to avoid it like the plague. Don't ask me why or how, but for some reason I decided to give it a look! curiosity is a terrible thing sometimes, especially when you're a wrestling fan about to watch a WWE Studio's production. This movie is bland as you probably expected it to be. Every once in a while, a made for TV movie can wind up catching you by surprise. No such luck with this one. Movies involving Bounty Hunters rarely ever work out. There are so many things wrong with this movie that I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the awful Christmas tunes that made my ears bleed! It's full of cringe inducing comedy and sentimental BS, which gets tiring fast. The main problem with this movie is that there is not one likable character in this movie! Everybody is extremely annoying and very cartoonish, suffering from the pratfalls of the overly predictable script. The Miz's character isn't all that distinguishable from his persona in real life. He comes across as overly arrogant, but doesn't have the charisma to pull it off. "Mikey Muscles" ? Give me a break! When I heard him say "You're smoking hot ex-boyfriend" , I knew I was in trouble. Francia Raisa is thoroughly annoying and pretentious as our heroine. I couldn't stand to watch her. The love triangle with Miz & Greenberg was painful to watch. Will Greenberg plays the buffoonish fiance well, annoying the crap out of me.

Boring action, painfully predictable romance, terrible characters, and poor writing really sink this movie. This is as bland as you can possibly get! I got what I deserved by choosing to watch this movie. Don't make the same mistake


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