Christmas Evil


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Mark Margolis as Man #2
Patricia Richardson as Moss' Mother
Jeffrey DeMunn as Philip Stadling
Raymond J. Barry as Detective Gleason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

You better be good for goodness sake!

It's less trashy than Silent Night Deadly Night, less influential than Black Christmas, and less sleazy than Don't Open 'Til Christmas, but You Better Watch Out (AKA Christmas Evil) is certainly no less worthy of your time if you dig seasonal horrors.

In fact, it fully deserves to have something of a cult following thanks to its quirky sense of humour, and a wonderful turn by Brandon Maggart as crazy Harry Stadling, who as a child, spotted his mommy doing more than just kissing Santa Clause, and who now takes Christmas a little too seriously, deciding for himself who has been naughty and nice, and dealing with them accordingly.

With such fun scenes as Harry (in full Father Christmas costume) dancing his heart out at a Christmas party, getting stuck in a chimney, and imagining his van is being pulled by reindeer, plus a police identity line-up consisting of a motley looking collection of Santas, You Better Watch Out might be more amusing than horrific, but it is still very twisted at times; certainly what little graphic violence is shown is surprisingly nasty, such as when Harry attacks a group of church-goers, poking an eye out with a toy soldier and then axing a couple of guys in the head.

As Harry's murderous rampage continues, and local people begin to eye anyone in a Santa costume with suspicion, it's not long before our jolly psycho is confronted by an angry mob, who chase him down the streets with flaming torches (in an homage to Universal's Frankenstein, perhaps). Finally, Harry winds up driving his van (which is painted to look like a sled) off a bridge; however, rather than plummeting to his doom, his vehicle flies off into the night sky (presumably showing us what is going through Harry's mind in his final moments).

It's a suitably surreal ending to an enjoyably off-the-wall entry in the Christmas horror sub-genre.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

Reviewed by samax_89 8 / 10

Non dumb slasher alert

oddball seasonal slasher that has more characterisation and less gore than many of its contemparies.After witnessing his mother getting it on with his father in a santa suit as a boy,a now deeply disturbed and grown up harry standling (Brandon Maggart) decides to celebrate Christmas his own way by metering out punishment to those who have besmirched the season of good will.

'Christmas evil' succeeds due to the film's emphasis on showing harry as a three dimensional character and for conjuring up a generally oppressive and Eerie atmosphere throughout,the fact that the death scence's are sporadic and often off kilter add too this 1980 slasher's unsettling nature.

'Christmas evil' will be far too off-beat for your average stalk and slash fan,but for those open minded and adventurous enough,'Christmas evil'is a one of a kind,genuinely original treat.

Reviewed by Roseybaby63 7 / 10

This is not a horror/slasher movie

I know this movie was marketed as a slasher/horror flick, but it's not and if you go into it expecting that, you'll be disappointed. I saw this under the title "Christmas Evil". It is the psychological study of a man losing his mind. You are literally watching him go insane. I was a little bored at the very beginning and almost considered turning it off, but then I was drawn into the story. Harry, as a young child, saw his mother making out with Santa (obviously his dad)and this apparently scars him. I know, that may sound sort of lame, but if something like that really does start a whole psychological problem, well...there's something else wrong with that person. Harry becomes obsessed with Christmas. He keeps tabs on the neighborhood kids and has naughty and nice books. All this just shows you how screwed up this guy is already. His mental decline is interesting, scary and sad. Harry's not really an evil man. He's just going crazy. I felt sorry for him. I found it unsettling to watch him lose his mind. It all comes to a head on Christmas Eve. He makes a kick ass Santa suit and glues a beard to his face. His van is painted with a lovely Christmas sleigh. He swings between kind and killer. He never kills a child...only some adults...and not very many at that. The kills are interesting, but not the point of the movie. It's all about Harry's descent into madness. I know there's a lot of people writing that Santa's van magically flies away at the end...well..I don't think that was intended to be taken literally. It's what poor crazy Harry is seeing in his delusional head. In real life, the van hit the bottom of a very long fall and Santa, no doubt,was dead. Do they actually have to show the van crashing to get that idea across? Anyway....I thought this was really good. I knew what to expect though. I read some "non spoiler" reviews on this site before I watched it. So...I'd recommend this movie for those who enjoy psychological studies or can simply leave themselves open to the experience.

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