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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
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Cate Blanchett as Stepmother
Lily James as Cinderella
Hayley Atwell as Ella's Mother
Stellan Skarsgård as Grand Duke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John William H. 8 / 10

I actually really enjoyed this movie.

Sure it's still got some of the dated gooey-ness of the original movie, sure Shrek's impact on savaging the Disney/fairy-tale formula can still be felt years after release, but Cinderella is a beautifully directed and cinematographed; and Kenneth Branagh did this?

Why do films like this exist in today's industry? Well franchising for one thing, and even though films like this are basically products in Disney's pipeline it CAN be well done given that the movie's got a determined director at the helm. And oddly, Branagh, the guy who directed films such as 1996's Hamlet, was just the guy to make Cinderella into a watchable film. It's pretty, has a good cast and has some nice tid-bits of humor here and there. And it's an update on the whole Disney-esque 'happily ever after' thing. Yes the story's the same but it gives some much-needed chemistry to Cinderella's and 'The Prince''s romantic charm. And... it works.

You don't need to be a girl or a gay to like this film; just see it for what it is: a harmless remake of an animation from the 1950s.

Reviewed by Anna 10 / 10

Such a beautiful movie

This movie perfectly captures the feeling of reading a fairy tale, but instead of that, you actually get to experience it by viewing it. I am so glad that they kept the Original story line, and the costumes and setting are beautifully done. I have watched this movie multiple times already, and still feel like I could view it many times more. Definitely recommended for people that love classic fairy-tale stories.

Reviewed by snperera 8 / 10

great film!

Love this film! no it is not like the original but it is great in it's own way! The prince is more developed as a character, the step-mother is still great, and Cinderella is great too. I think this Cinderella is more quiet and with that a quiet beauty and strength comes through her and it really shines. I love this movie and I will always love to watch this one and the original one.

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