Clear History


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Kate Hudson as Rhonda
Liev Schreiber as Tibor
Michael Keaton as Joe Stumpo
Bill Hader as Rags
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markdyerncafe 4 / 10

Before You Watch This, Curb Your Enthusiasm About It

I love, love, love Larry, and "Curb" is pure television gold, but this didn't work. Cast was really good, but this would have worked better as a movie version of "Curb." It just doesn't work when Larry plays his "Curb" character, which he clearly did in this movie, without the "Curb" treatment and texture. This doesn't mean the movie didn't have some clever and funny stuff, which it did, but it just doesn't work. Now, am I still grieving over the (at least temporary) demise of "Curb?" Absolutely, yes. And, there should be a federal law that if Larry is going to play anything this close to his "Curb" Larry, that Jeff must be part of the cast. It just seems this movie got hijacked by a hokey script.

Reviewed by phd_travel 10 / 10

Absolutely hilarious

There is a whole bunch of comedic talent assembled for this original and hilarious HBO movie - it's a must see. It is funnier than many big budget feature film comedies. The jokes are so frequent it's sometimes easy to miss some of them. Larry David (unrecognizable at first) plays an obnoxious man involved in a start up electric car company. He cashes out just before the big success. Jon Hamm plays the company's boss.

Standouts in the cast include the always funny Eva Mendez, the not often seen enough Michael Keaton, and the surprisingly hilarious Liev Schreiber doing a Chechen character. They are all so good in comedy.

Attractive setting in Martha's Vineyard.

Hope HBO starts making more excellent movie length comedies like this one.

Reviewed by Gordon Bressack 5 / 10

Clear History: It's history is clear

If you're a fan of Larry David's (and I am) this feature film should make you very happy. It's very much like an extended episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with the same sort of quirky observational humor and dependence on Larry's obsessions with the minutia of every day life. The revenge plot, the back story are just scaffolding on which to build the kind of gags that made Seinfeld and Curb so satisfying. Is Larry exploring new territory? No. But expecting LD to be different is like expecting Woody to be a different person in his films. One can argue that Woody and Bob Hope and Danny Kaye are always themselves (or at least their comic personae) in all of their movies. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There are lots of laughs in this film and Larry delivers in his signature style.

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