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Peter Stormare as Karlsson
Eli Roth as Frowny the Clown
Laura Allen as Meg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnbkaramazov 9 / 10

Disturbing on many different levels

I was really looking forward to Clown after seeing the trailer, the concept seemed pretty original and interesting and I liked what I saw. If you felt the same way, I would highly recommend that you give this film a watch. In the end it surpassed my expectations and left me feeling pretty disturbed.

The acting from the leads is solid, Andy Powers especially is fantastic as Kent and carries the earlier parts of the film with a really good performance. Laura Allen is also very good as Kent's wife Meg whose journey through the film is in some ways as interesting to witness as his own. Some of the supporting cast are admittedly not fantastic, but that doesn't detract from the movie as a whole.

The film is generally well-paced but suffers a little during the middle where it seems to stall, don't worry if you feel this way because it soon gets going again and when it does, it really does. Some of the scenes towards the end will stay with me for a long time.

Clown is dark, disturbing, original and striking. One of the best horror films of recent years.

Reviewed by matthew-brady-404-237416 7 / 10

Well I enjoyed this messed up movie

Never again would I look at Clowns in the same way after seeing this movie but that get's me thinking, when did I like them in the first place.

The story to Clown is about a father discovers the clown suit and decides to wear it for his son's birthday party. However, he soon discovers that the suit turns the wearer into a killing machine.

Clowns never scared me because I always know it's somebody else in cheap looking make-up trying to make you laugh but really they creeping us out. I have seen many movies and TV shows with scary looking clowns in it and yes I can see why people are scared of them but they never took a big effect on me, until I sawed this and for now on I will stay far way from clowns if possible.

You can hate or like the film Clown if your a horror fan or not, for me I like my horror movies best served cold and freaky, and Clown to me isn't a bad flick. I can see a lot of effort went into the make- up and the design of the monster clown.

To those who have seen the movie did you think for a second that Eli Roth directed this movie, yes I know he stars in the movie but the movie has that style look to it that Eli Roth himself would use and I'm saying that has a positive.

The acting in the movie was surprisingly pretty good from Andy Powers and Laura Allen. The directing as well was pretty good from other horror movies today.

Normally I don't like over the top gore in movies as I think it's a cheap way to get 18 rating or if your American Rated R, and to be honest I didn't get that in this movie for most of the time you don't really see much of guts flying everywhere but most of the after math of what happened.

For problems with the movie I have some like: The characters in the movie are mostly forgettable and I'm not talking about Laura Allen or Andy Powers characters, I mean the other supporting or the background characters that always seem to get screen time which they shouldn't because they stupid and dull to watch.

The movie dose have some clichés that really stick out and I thought we are already pass some of the clichés when it comes to horror movies today, but luckily after a while the movie forgotten the clichés as it went on. Oh remember when I said some of the acting was good well the kid actor was a bit noticeable that he's trying to be scared but I didn't buy it not for one bit.

Besides that Clown overall isn't a bad flick, now some people may not agree with me and that's fine you got a opinion and that's awesome I'm not going to be like those dick heads that start yelling at you for nothing. Well I enjoyed this messed up movie.

Reviewed by nelohim61 8 / 10

Holy Crap!! Better Hide the Kids!

HOLY CRAP!!!! BETTER HIDE THE KIDS!!!! I watched this movie not expecting much given the title. Boy my wife and I were in for a Surprise!!! This was the best Horror movie I have seen in a while. This movie went well beyond our expectations.

This was a "Gutwrenching" wild ride of a true horror.

I still cannot believe the carnage done to those sweet innocent kids!!! I also found the story regarding the "origin" of "The Clown" an interesting touch.

The title although appropriate weakened my expectations a bit, so perhaps they should have used a better title.

This movie would have given me nightmares forever if I had seen it as a kid!!!!! The acting was more than top notch, in that their reactions to the horror before them was believable on so many levels Well done!

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