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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dixsynormous 1 / 10

Couldn't do it.

In the beginning a group of 4 people are asking directions while one is holding a map. I thought, what year is this supposed to be set? Don't they have a GPS or google maps or something? Then about 5 minutes later while on the road, the driver notices they need petrol/gas. His girlfriend says something like 'let me check my phone to see if I can find a gas station'. I could see where this was going and stopped watching.

Reviewed by OtwoD 4 / 10

Every cliché in the book.

Before watching it, I knew nothing about this movie. Just that people who liked movies I watched had liked it. I guess I was expecting it to be a Troma-type low budget gore fest but it was more, and somehow less at the same time. It had the look and feel of a big budget movie but the script and acting of a movie made by children. While they managed to get the hot girl naked and murdered before the opening credits, it wasn't so good after that. At one point a girl loses her phone. After driving for a long time they decide to call her phone and the guy who answers tells them to keep driving and make the next left and he will meet them there. And they do it! One thing that distinguished this from a Troma flick was the distinct lack of gore. We see the hot girl get killed by a machete that doesn't even cut through her shirt and then later we see one bloodless stabbing. Overall I'd have to say this movie is very average for the genre. Definitely worth watching once.

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Solid if flawed killer clown effort

Traveling to a nearby concert, a group of friends get stranded in a remote, desolate town with another pair of travelers and being chased by a gang of deranged, homicidal clowns determined to kill them one-by-one and must find a way to stop them and get out alive.

This here turned out to be quite the enjoyable effort. One of the more engaging efforts to this one is the way it manages to work out the group getting trapped at the town and setting up their inevitable being hunting down. Going for the group getting lost and then purposefully directed to their hunting grounds where the first incidents give this such a great starting point for the action to come later on. The groups' first encounter on the streets of the abandoned town where the near-accident leads into the clowns emerging and beating down the first of the group is a nice beginning, and leading into the ambush in the junkyard as well as the eventual escape gives the film a great sequence. The multitude of chases and the rather brutal action that emerges inside the abandoned facility where the great chases down in the bathrooms or the endless hallways lead into some really fun and exciting scenes of the clowns hunting them down, and the brawl out on the rooftop is exceptionally good which has a lot to like about it. The film's best action scenes in the finale really work nicely when they're captured and forced to brawl with the remaining gang of clowns makes for a rather fun time overall here, and once it gets to the big final escape here really gives this one some fun and somewhat chilling scenes that work rather nicely overall here. Alongside the brutal, graphic kills and the rather creepy look for the various clowns, these here hold this up over its minor flaws. The biggest issue is the fact that the simplistic story offers nothing about what's actually happening here. While the group is thrown right in with their encounters against the clowns, we get nothing about what's the point of being hunted or how the whole affair got started with a lame opening that gets tied into the rest of the story in a throwaway line that doesn't connect at all, and the reasoning for the whole story is really underwhelming. The other issue here is the fact that while the clowns look threatening, it's not that hard to laugh them off as lame as the fact that taking them on as a group would probably have saved themselves a lot of trouble against what they're trying to do and it really doesn't help this one much. Otherwise, it's not that bad of an effort.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity and mild drug use.

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