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Nicholas Hoult as Casey Stein
Felicity Jones as Juliette
Anthony Hopkins as Hagen Kahl
Ben Kingsley as Geran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arriva 2 / 10

A product placement for various car companies

Two dimensional characters, hackneyed plot and plot devices, very unrealistic pretty much everything including the behaviour of the main villain - Anthony Hopkins must be ashamed for having a central role in this movie.

I can hardly find anyone who could enjoy this movie. It's not for adults, that's for sure, because its love story is just too simple and repulsing, however the young might enjoy it for its reckless car chases and kisses, fist fights and chivalry.

I pity everyone who starred in this movie. It could have been a very average straight to DVD B-movie but given the range of actors it's simply unwatchable.

This could be a perfect product placement movie on a par with the Fast and Furious franchise. This movie and this franchise share a lot of common. Missing realism is their common staple.

The final twist couldn't save this movie. It just made it even more sickly-sweet.

Reviewed by Ari V 8 / 10

Surprisingly enjoyable

This is not a movie with deep meaning, a complex plot or redeeming value but was surprisingly enjoyable. The primary characters were not glamorous but rather down to earth which lent a certain innocence and believability. I thought their acting was excellent and sustained the movie through to the end. The bad guys deserve kudos. Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins played quirky drug lords which they pulled off really well in a low key manner. These are often the most difficult characters to pull off in a movie, often being overly done but not here. The secondary bad guys were superbly cast and relentless in the chase which kept the tension level high through the entire movie. Plot wise this was a basic caper gone wrong and chase movie with a surprising twist at the end. Wreakage and carnage on the Autobahn while extensive, was not overdone. In fact, the chase scenes and crash scenes were really well choreographed and not over the top or gratuitous. The only weakness was the ending which was predictable and didn't follow through which left a feeling of abruptness, probably forced through mandatory time constraints. As a result, Anthony Hopkin's character and story did not feel complete. Collide was great entertainment that didn't require deep thought to enjoy....

Comment: the main characters were not "backpackers" but rather ex- pats living and working in Germany. Seems to be growing tendency to refer to anyone between 20-30 as backpackers...

Reviewed by Mike Lyno 1 / 10

Terrible, Just Terrible

Man oh man, what a bad movie. Lead actor was so bad and just not likable. He was so unlikable in fact, as I watched this, I was actually rooting for the bad guys. I wanted the bad guys to take this dude out so this movie could end and I could at least walk away from watching this with some kind of smile on my face. He played the part so wuss like, it made me cringe. Bad story, bad script, bad acting. Hopkins and Kingsley, what can I say. I love both these dudes but couldn't figure out what either one of them was thinking when they decided to be in this movie. It was a mercy killing for both of them. The story was so bad, all this movie did for me was give me a big crick in my neck from shaking my head so much. With both Hopkins and Kingsley in this I was hoping I would be seeing a decent movie. Nope, not happening, even their caliber of acting could not save this POS movie. Always hard for me to watch good actors in bad movies.

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